Bush Compares Iraq War to Hungary's Uprising

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Fifty years after Hungarian partisans waged a bloody but unsuccessful uprising against Communist rule, President Bush came to this eastern European capital today to lay a bouquet at the Eternal Flame monument, but also to draw a comparison to the current war in Iraq.

"The sacrifice of the Hungarian people inspires all who love liberty," Mr. Bush said in a speech at Buda Castle on Gellert Hill, overlooking the Danube and the city below. He continued: "America honors your courage. We've learned from your example, and we resolve that when people stand up for their freedom, America will stand with them."

On a day when lawmakers in Washington were engaged in an intense debate over whether to withdraw troops from Iraq, Mr. Bush thanked the Hungarians for "playing a vital role" in the Iraq war, neglecting to mention that Hungary withdrew its own troops more than a year ago. The president also recounted his visit last week to Baghdad, telling Hungarians that they would "recognize this spirit" of democracy there.

"The lesson of the Hungarian experience is clear," Mr. Bush said. "Liberty can be delayed, but it cannot be denied."

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Mike Schoenberg - 6/26/2006

Not to mention that the USA stood by and watched, doing nothing.

Randll Reese Besch - 6/24/2006

Tyical of this administration to pick a historical moment inconsistant with the realities of occupied IRAQ.
The Hungarians revolted on their own against the combined Russian occupation and Hungarian proxies, no wait, the analogy in correct if the USA fills in for the Russians!
Subtext would suggest such an analogy but for the blather of 'democracy' and 'freedom of the ....peoples' lines as code for 'invasion' and 'surrogates under USA control' does indeed fit.
So perhaps his mightyness Bush
is right,just for the wrong reason.

Stephen Kislock - 6/24/2006

US President G. W. Bush's analogy and metaphor were all wrong.

The US is to Iraq, as the Soviet Unions' invasion was to Hungary!