Arizona legislators want Old Glory and the Constitution in every public school classroom (colleges, too)

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In 2003, when Tyler Mott was a student at the University of Arizona, he came to believe something was missing from classrooms: the American flag. He remembered the flag being prominent in every classroom in elementary and high school and wondered why it wasn’t at his college.

Mott wrote to legislators about his concerns and the result will be reaching the Arizona governor’s office: legislation to require every public college or university to display an American flag in every classroom — and copies of the Bill of Rights and Constitution, too. There’s no word on whether the governor will sign the bill but — in the words of one college official — “it’s hard to veto a flag bill.”

The legislation started out with just the flag requirement and it applies to all levels of public education in the state, although most elementary and secondary schools already have flags in every classroom, so minimal impact is expected there. The flags would have to be at least 2 feet by 3 feet and be properly displayed. As the bill moved through the Legislature, it was amended to also require that legible copies of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights must also be on display in every classroom.

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Stephen Kislock - 6/23/2006

We are waving good by to the Constitution, whenever we get out our flags, in support of the Bush/Cheney Administration! Patriotism, is being used to Bury the Fourth Amendment....

Putting the Constitution on the walls of every classroom means Nothing, when G.W.Bush picks and chooses which LAW he will Obey!