German Archeologists to Excavate Salt Men's Burial Ground in Iran

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A team of German archeologists will come to Iran to carry out joint excavations with Iranian experts in Chehr Abad historical mine where the four salt men had been discovered.

Following the visit of two Iranian archeologists to Germany and Austria, the condition for a joint cooperation between Iranian and German archeologists was prepared and a team of archeologists of Bochum Mining Museum of Germany is to come to Iran to carry out excavations in Chehr Abad historical salt mine, the burial ground of the discovered famous salt men in Zanjan province.

"After signing a memorandum of understanding between Iran's Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization (ICHTO) and Germany's Bochum Mining Museum and defining the budget for this project by ICHTO, this project will officially start," said Roustayi, an archeologist from Iran's Archeology Research Center who went to Germany on behalf of Iran to discuss the criteria for a joint archeological cooperation Iran and Germany.

According to Roustayi, considering that the German team is consisted of a number of skilled archeologists whose area of specialty include those branches of archeology in which few experts are involved, this cooperation is very important for Iran and would result in some great achievements.

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