Ohio journos pooh-pooh Kennedy's "Election Stolen?" piece

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Cincinnati Enquirer's Carl Weiser says he read Robert Kennedy's Rolling Stone mega-essay "and nothing in there was really new. The folks who know Ohio elections best checked into it and found there was no conspiracy." AP Ohio bureau chief Eva Parziale tells Joe Strupp: "They were things we already reported on and issues we did not see to have substance."

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Alonzo Hamby - 6/16/2006

Conspiracy theorists for a year and a half now have attempted to construct a convincing story to the effect that the sinister Kenneth Blackwell (Ohio Secretary of State and Republican nominee for Governor in 2006) robbed Kerry.

In fact, however, Ohio elections are run by 88 separate county election boards. By law, each board must consist of equal numbers of Republicans and Democrats. No one who knows Ohio politics believes that a massive number of stupid or dishonest Democrats lent themselves to a plot to beat Kerry.

In addition to the people cited in this story, Joe Hallet, a liberal Democrat who writes on state politics for the Columbus Dispatch, made these points in a story a couple of weeks ago.

I've lived in Ohio for forty years. Its elections are as clean as any in the country.

Are they perfectly managed every year in every county? Of course not. But that's a different matter.