Canada Union Urges Boycott Against Israel

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In Canada, the Ontario branch of the country's biggest labor union, the Canadian Union of Public Employees, voted unanimously May 27 at its annual convention to urge an economic boycott of Israel. The resolution passed by CUPE Ontario — whose 210,000 members account for nearly half of Canada's entire national membership — called for divestment, which translates into withdrawing the union's pension fund investments in Israel.

In Canada, the Ontario union's actions sent shockwaves through the leadership of the Jewish community. "Now they're looking at divestment, and undoubtedly they'll link up with the academics," said Frank Dimant, executive vice president of B'nai Brith Canada. "We're going to have this coalition of anti-Israel, which we thought had gone into the recesses and is coming back to the fore," he said.

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Kathleen Wagar - 6/8/2006

This decision by the Union results from a lack of knowledge of what is really going on between the Jews and Palestinians. After three years of immersing myself in Muslim websites and news sources, I can say that hardly a thing the Palestinians say is true. I discovered that if a circumstance occurs that is their fault, they will always blame the Jews. They instigate suicide bombings and rocket attacks, then scream bloody murder when Israel retaliates. Most of these Muslims are backward and can easily be led around by Hamas, Hezbollah, Muslim Brotherhood, even Al Qaeda.

In WW I the Ottoman Empire chose to enter the war aligned with the Germans, and they lost control of the Holy Land. The British Empire then ruled it for decades until after WW II, at which time the Brits gave Israel _back_ to the Jews under the auspices of the UN.

It was the Romans who changed the name of Judah to Palestine in an effort to cut off Jewish identity with the land. It was the Romans who forced the Jews out in the Diaspora. The Muslims conquered Jerusalem shortly after the advent of Islam, even though the Quran acknowledges that Israel is the land of the Jews and Muslims should not bother them. The Muslims took Jerusalem by force. The Jews took it back by force.

Jews had lived in Israel for 2000 years by the time Mohammed was born. Jews have always lived in the Holy Land although they might not always have controlled the government. The Jews are doing what they need to do to survive, and I can tell you they are not the instigators of the violence. These extremist Muslim groups want to turn Palestine and Egypt into Islamic states where there is no freedom and human rights. King Abdullah of Jordan is practically begging the Jews not to withdraw from the West Bank--he fears another Gaza in the making, violence, unemployment, overcrowding, and fears the ramifications on Jordan. These Islamists want to take over the whole world.

No body wants the Palestinians. After 30 years under Arafat, who turned them into robots, they don't know what's going on. The Israelis do have their best interests at heart because stability for them means stability for Israel. I have no idea if the Islamists will succeed, but if they do you can kiss the Holy Land of the Jews and the Christians goodbye.

Kathleen Wagar

Stephen Kislock - 6/4/2006

Divestment by all means, it worked with the Apartheid Government of South Africa and I see No differences between the two today.