Is Boudicca buried in Birmingham? (UK)

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The burial ground of Queen Boudicca could be next to a burger restaurant in Birmingham, it has been claimed.
An excavation is to take place at the site in Kings Norton after evidence it has Roman remains buried there.

Queen Boudicca, who led ancient tribes in battle against the Romans, died in 62 AD, possibly in the Midlands.

It would be a "world-shattering" find, said Councillor Peter Douglas Osborn. But experts warned there is no evidence the site is linked to Boudicca.

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Gordon Barlow - 5/27/2006

Good for the archaeologist who refers to Her Majesty as Boadicea! Boudicca is a frumpish name, and no more authentic than the more romantic name anyway. By the way: if it was really Boudicca, the modern equivalent might be Braddock.

The article is pretty speculative.