Who's buried in John Paul Jones's crypt?

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Who's buried in John Paul Jones's crypt at the U.S. Naval Academy? According to Washington College history professor Adam Goodheart, author of an article on the naval hero in Smithsonian Magazine, there is a good chance that it is not the bones of the combative sailor who roared: "We have not yet begun to fight!" Goodheart is calling for a DNA test to make sure they have the right man. A test is within the bounds of possibility. A brother and a sister are buried in the United States and there is a braid of Jones's brown hair mounted on the back of a miniature portrait at the Academy. But the Academy's leaders have coolly rebuffed the historian, saying they are confident that the evidence from an autopsy performed shortly before the body was moved from Paris to Annapolis proved beyond reasonable doubt that it was the Commodore.

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