'Brazilian Stonehenge' discovered

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Brazilian archaeologists have found an ancient stone structure in a remote corner of the Amazon that may cast new light on the region's past.

The site, thought to be an observatory or place of worship, pre-dates European colonisation and is said to suggest a sophisticated knowledge of astronomy.

Its appearance is being compared to the English site of Stonehenge.

It was traditionally thought that before European colonisation, the Amazon had no advanced societies.

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Randll Reese Besch - 5/20/2006

Slowly the veil and timeline for humanity's existance as an advanced,tool using species continues past the mere 6,000 years of recorded history of developement. True no equivelents of say a computer or F-16 have yet been found but hints exist. After 80,000 years what would survive war and geological movement? Not much.
Cycles of time and humanity-whether Cromagnon or homo s.s. could concievably create advanced societies & lose them again over 250,000 years.
Only the future discoveries will tell us when taken in toto. Until then we wait.