Ward Churchill’s lawyers are threatening to sue the University of Colorado, Boulder

Ward Churchill’s lawyers are threatening to sue the University of Colorado at Boulder if it goes through with an additional investigation of the controversial professor, The Rocky Mountain News reported. A faculty panel is expected to release findings next week on a series of misconduct charges against Churchill. But new research misconduct charges have surfaced, and Boulder is getting ready to look into those as well.

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Vernon Clayson - 5/13/2006

The tale continues to wag the dog. Don't fault me, if I were using the old quotation in its oringal context I would have written tail rather than tale. Churchill's odyssey is a tale unlike anything I am aware of. His career and position was formed on the basic premise that he was a Native American, a claim he made that has been found untrue, yet he continues to be treated as if he were a trod upon minority. A crude comparison would be when John Travolta's urban cowboy was asked if he were a cowboy and he responded that it depended on what the questioner thought a cowboy was. Who in Colorado still believes Churchill is an Indian under any definition? He lied, better men than he have been fired or not hired for pretending less credentials.

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