Neolithic man 'had violent history'

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Neolithic man, thought to be the world's first farmer, was not as peaceful as previously thought, new research has suggested.
A study of remains kept in UK museums found neolithic man ran a one-in-14 chance of getting a cracked skull.

Archaeologist Dr Rick Schulting from Queen's University, Belfast said 350 skulls dated between 4000 and 3200 BC from southern England were examined.

He said the study "challenged" the myth of neolithic man being peaceful.

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Vernon Clayson - 5/13/2006

Perhaps 12000 years hence, archaeologists will dig up the bones of our Civil War dead, where one in eight participants lost a limb, and wonder if all the skeletons missing a leg or an arm was from violence or perhaps a ritual practice required by our gods. Really, records could be lost.

Randll Reese Besch - 5/13/2006

If neolithic Man has the same brain morphology as ourselves, why would they consider different behavior?
Our violent tendencies are rooted in the R-complex and Limbic system for agression [testosterone] and territoriality [war].
Truely the only way to fully purge the urge to exterminate oneselves is to have a different kind of brain.
Perhaps the paleontologists should consult with behaviorists and neurologists in relation to their work?