The actor's wife and the Stasi files (Germany)

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BERLIN A film about the old East German secret police has been making headlines in Germany after an actor alleged in an accompanying book that his former wife was a real-life Stasi informer.

Hundreds of thousands of people have come to search the old Stasi files in the last 15 years to find out that their friends, neighbours or even family members had been secret police informers.

Now, one of these cases is dominating the German media and it had brought me here.

I flipped the page and was met with the beautiful young face of Jenny Grollmann, then a successful young actress, now a 59-year-old woman fighting cancer and battling for her honour.

Ms Grollmann has recently brought out a court injunction against a book in which her former husband, Ulrich Muhe, also an actor, accuses her of being a Stasi informer.

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