60's Latino Militant Now Pursues a Personal Quest

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The man once called King Tiger, a description fitting for one of the most militant of radical Latino leaders of the 1960's, now walks with a cane. Almost forgotten by new generations of Latinos clamoring for immigrant rights, the man, Reies López Tijerina, faces his own immigration dilemma.

Hobbled by diabetes and years of self-exile in Mexico, Mr. Tijerina, born 79 years ago to a family of cotton pickers in South Texas, spends his days at a community center here, or in a modest two-room house across the border in Ciudad Juárez, searching for a way for his wife to return legally with him to the United States. Immigration authorities have refused to grant residency to his Mexican-born wife, Esperanza García, whom Mr. Tijerina married more than a decade ago in Mexico.

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Randll Reese Besch - 5/6/2006

Historical amnesia strikes again. In adequate teaching of interest in study on one's own about anything and everything is needed for everyone!
Just perusing the HNN site opens my mind every time as "King Tiger" has done today. I had not heard of him before now.Will someone write about him,his experiances and his impact?
Only time and autoliteracy will tell over the prevelant a-literacy.