Peace activists heading to Kent State

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A group of Toledo peace activists will take part tomorrow in ceremonies marking the 36th anniversary of the 1970 shootings at Kent State University.

Members of the Northwest Ohio Peace Coalition, which initially was formed to oppose the blanket bombing of Afghanistan, were to take about 2,700 tombstones to Kent, Ohio, and display them during tomorrow’s events.

The tombstones are to be placed on the Kent State soccer field where four students protesting the Vietnam War were shot to death on May 4, 1970, by Ohio National Guard troops. Another nine protesters were wounded in the incident, which became a defining moment of the anti-war movement.

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Samuel Harrison Rankin - 5/8/2006

I was at the Kent State University on a hill overlooking the Commons on May 4, 1970. The situation of protest and demonstration today is similar but not the same. In 1970, we protested a war of agression. Today we are involved, to a degree, in a defense against self-proclaimed enemies who may or may not have a right to resent us as a Nation. Irag seems less justified than Afghanistan and nothing excuses the blunders of the occupants of the White House. In fact, it seems to me and others, that it would be better to have the Nixon crew on board now than the blunders of this outfit. But that does not make Kent 1970 the same issue as Kent or Northeast Ohio in 2006.