MIT pulls history course web page after complaints

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The Massachusetts Institute of Technology took down a history course Web page after Chinese students complained about a 19th century wood-print image of Japanese soldiers beheading Chinese prisoners.

The complaints led to an apology from one of the professors teaching "Visualizing Cultures," which uses images from the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895.

The course was created by Pulitzer Prize-winning history professor John Dower and linguistics professor Shigeru Miyagawa, who posted an apology on his Web page.

"I deeply regret that some of the images on the Visualizing Cultures website have offended you," Miyagawa said. "This was never my intention. I am genuinely sorry that this has caused you pain."

The Web site was pulled Tuesday and the school hosted a forum Wednesday for students, particularly those from the Chinese community, to voice concerns.

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    Alonzo Hamby - 5/3/2006

    Holy Moley!

    Were the images authentic? Did they represent actual events?

    The answers seem to be "Who cares?" and "The content of history courses must offend no one."

    MIT seems on the way to setting a new high in our progress toward--just what?