"I'm proud of everything Deep Throat did," says Felt

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From Mark (Deep Throat) Felt's Tuesday "Larry King Live" appearance:
KING: What about when you would read in the papers, this person's Deep Throat or that person's Deep Throat or...?
M. FELT: I'd clip it and put it in a book.
KING: You saved items?
M. FELT: Yes.
KING: About who Deep Throat might be?
M. FELT: Yes.
KING: Why did you come out?
M. FELT: Well, because with politics moving the way they did, I had no choice, really, but to come out and put everything on the line, both plus and minus on the line.
KING: Do you think you upset Mr. Woodward?
M. FELT: Well, maybe a little. A little, but I think he understood. When it was all laid out on the table in front of him, he understood.

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