Stolen art met with public yawn

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It's Friday date night at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Great Hall is jammed with swirling crowds meeting for music, drinks, fine cuisine, even a little art-viewing.

Only steps away from the revelry, the Greek and Roman Art galleries are as hushed as a church and almost as empty, except for the guard standing next to a single display case holding a large painted pot. (Related story: Countries fight for disputed items)

Now and then, someone approaches to peer at the pot. A middle-aged couple whisper to each other: Is that it? After 30 seconds they move away, the woman taking a backward glance. One last look.

One last look, indeed. After 2008, this 2,500-year-old vessel, known as the Euphronios krater (aka "the hot pot"), won't be here, in this museum or in the USA.

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