The Future of Iraq Project: Papers now online

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Starting in October 2001, about a year and a half before the US and its allies invaded Iraq, dozens of Iraqi exiles and international experts were brought together to figure out how to create a new Iraq should Saddam Hussein somehow be taken out of power. Seventeen working groups were organized to cover Transitional Justice, Public Finance, Public Outreach, Democratic Principles, Water, Agriculture and the Environment, Defense, Local Government, Economy and Infrastructure, Civil Society, Transparency and Anti-Corruption, Education, Refugees, Free Media, Foreign Policy, Oil and Energy, and Cultural Heritage. Meetings began in July 2002 and continued through March/April 2003. Twelve of the groups released reports. These documents were released in paper format by the Department of State on 10 Feb 2006 in response to Freedom of Information Act request 200304121NEA1, filed 18 Oct 2003 by Russ Kick, and are now available on-line.

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