David Horowitz says it was his publisher's idea to call professors "dangerous"

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In an interview posted on his own website David Horowitz, author of The Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America, says his publisher dreamed up the title after the text was written.


The dangerous idea is a marketing strategy which my publisher attached to the book after it was written. The only appearance of the word"dangerous" in the text is in the coupling of the words"dangerous sophistry" to describe some writing by Professor Juan Cole. Nonetheless, I think"dangerous" can fairly be applied to the collectivity, not least in terms of what they have done to the academic enterprise. Readers of the book will see that the profiles are both accurate and fair. There are several professors — Michael Berube, Todd Gitlin, and Victor Navasky to name four — who are there because they have been collusive in the efforts of political activists to purge the university of conservatives and subvert its academic mission in the service of radical agendas. I point out that Berube and Gitlin supported the war against the Taliban; and that they have been critical of the pro-Saddam left in the anti-Iraq war movement. But if they have been critical of the terrorists, Communists, and leftwing racists on university faculties, I missed it.

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