Student Settles Over Confederate Dress

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (AP) -- A former high school student barred from her prom because she wore a dress styled as a Confederate battle flag has reached a settlement with the school district, her attorney said.

Jacqueline Duty filed a lawsuit after Greenup County school officials called the dress too controversial and kept her out of Russell High School's May 1, 2004 prom.

Duty claimed the district violated her First Amendment right to free speech and to celebrate her heritage.

School officials notified the U.S. District Court last week about the settlement. Duty's attorney, Earl-Ray Neal, confirmed a settlement had been reached but said the terms will not be disclosed.

The settlement must be approved by the judge, Neal said.

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John J Capozucca - 3/6/2006

Offensive to whom? The indoctrinated? Certainly not those who accept differences of opinion as a part of life. Let's see--we'll "celebrate diversity" while forcibly condemning/suppressing opposing thought. That is spelled f-a-s-c-i-s-m. And the worst fascists are the current crop of politically correct elites who smugly and self-righteously act as judge, jury, and executioner without even knowing the parties involved or the facts about the case. I guess Jackie has no rights because she doesn't think like you. How pathetic!

Howard NA Beeth - 3/3/2006

Yeah, her right to be a pro-active racist and to engage in offensive social behavior should be celebrated by all of us.

John J Capozucca - 3/1/2006

I'm glad she stood for them and for what she believes in.

Steven R Alvarado - 3/1/2006

"Maass",That name sounds suspicious too.

John R. Maass - 2/28/2006

The plaintiff's attorney is named "Earl-Ray". Hmmmmmmmmm......