University of Washington Student Senate Refuses to Approve Memorial for WW II Hero

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Gregory Pappy Boyington, a graduate of the Univeristy of Washington (went to High School in Tacoma), winner of the medal of honor, who shot down 28 enemy aircraft and was a prisoner of war for 20 months, has been refused a memorial by the student senate.

Apparently he "is not the type of person we want to honor" and some even went so far as to liken his duty in WW2 to murder. One of the biggest antagonists of the proposal was apparently the leader of the student Democratic Party.

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Steven R Alvarado - 2/15/2006

Don't worry if the Republicans keep up their blunders, the Democrats will get their chance to re-continue their plunder.

Anthony Brundage - 2/15/2006

Now we can see why the Democrats have been relegated to minority party status. When a student Democratic "leader" considers heroic service in WW2 to be murder, the rot in the party is obviously at an advanced if not terminal stage. I say this as an anguished Democrat who has never considered patriotism to be a four-letter word. OK, fine, just keep indulging in your anti-American rants and let Bush, Cheney, and their pals continue to plunder the country.