Infertility link in iceman's DNA

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Oetzi, the prehistoric man frozen in a glacier for 5,300 years, could have been infertile, a new study suggests.

Genetic research, published in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology, also confirms that his roots probably lie in Central Europe.

Oetzi's body was found in the melting ice of the Schnalstal glacier in the Italian Alps in 1991.

Examination of his remains has already revealed the Copper Age man almost certainly died as a result of a fight.

The assessment is based on the presence of an arrowhead that is lodged in his back and extensive cuts to his hands.

The scientists behind the latest genetic research now speculate that Oetzi's possible sterility could have been a factor that led to this violent end.

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Vernon Clayson - 2/8/2006

So, a corpse frozen for over 5,300 years is thought to have been possibly infertile. Poor devil, cold, hungry, likely murdered, and unable to procreate, bummer. Are the scientists involved with this silliness going to check King Tut and some of those other relics to ascertain if they were capable of procreating? If this is science on a People magazine level, make a note that Brad Pitt is fertile, some may wonder about that in 53 centuries.