Roundup Top 10! Archives
2004 to 2005

Week of December 26, 2005

#1 Max Hastings: This is the country of Drake and Pepys, not Shaka Zulu

#2 Daniel Pipes: Winning the Propaganda War

#3 Dale Andrade: Three Lessons From Vietnam

#4 Juan Cole: So Sunnis are threatening a boycott of parliament? Bad move.

#5 Mackubin Thomas Owens: Lincoln and Bush on vigilance and responsibility

#6 Joshua Brown: Bush's Hopes for 2006 (Illustration)

#7 Max Boot: Hollywood's bad guy problem

#8 Anatole Kaletsky: President the year's biggest loser

#9 James Bamford: NSA, the Agency That Could Be Big Brother

#10 Robert F. Turner: Congress can't usurp the president's power to spy
on America's enemies

#11 Simon Schama: How will the noughties be remembered by historians?

#12 Gregory Melleuish: Too many historians know little history outside their
own area of expertise

Week of December 19, 2005

#1 Vladimir Bukovsky: Torture's Long Shadow

#2 Daniel Pipes: Back to Sept. 10

#3 Niall Ferguson: The possibility now facing Iraq is not of a democratic peace but a democratic war

#4 Frederick Kagan: Fighting to Win

#5 Douglas Baynton: 'Intelligent Design' Deja Vu

#6 Max Holland: Gene McCarthy Did Not Force LBJ Out of the '68 Race

#7 Scott Sherman: The Bitter Strike at NYU

#8 Joseph Epstein: What Tocqueville can contribute to the discussion of the Iraq war

#9 Joe Keohane: 'It Can't Happen Here'?

#10 Norman Solomon: A New Phase of Bright Spinning Lies About Iraq

Week of December 12, 2005

#1 Sean Wilentz: The Rise of Illiterate Democracy

#2 Daniel Pipes: Kofi Annan and Eliminating Israel Politely

#3 Juan Cole: Why the Iraqi elections don't mean peace

#4 Bill Moyers: LBJ didn't manipulate intelligence like Bush has

#5 Jonathan Freedland: Jew Hatred, The sickness bequeathed by the west to the Muslim world

#6 Thomas Spencer: More bogus Iraq analogies

#7 Jeff Greenfield: The President, the War, and the Military Base

#8 Bevin Alexander: The United States Is Backing Out of Iraq

#9 Norman Podhoretz: The Panic Over Iraq

#10 Jacqui Murray: Australia isn't paradise after all

#11 George McGovern: Remembering Eugene McCarthy

Week of December 5, 2005

#1 Caroline Elkins: Why Malaya Is No Model for Iraq

#2 Richard Reeves: Is Bush the Worst President Ever?

#3 Walter Laqueur: After France

#4 Thomas Palaima: Longing for an America that's no longer with us

#5 William F. Buckley, Jr.: Murrow vs. McCarthy

#6 Gertrude Himmelfarb: The Debate Over Darwin Hasn't Evolved

#7 Rick Perlstein: 'I Didn't Like Nixon Until Watergate' ... The Conservative Movement Now

#8 Harold Pinter: Nobel Prize Speech Blasts America

#9 James Pinkerton: Doves could destroy Hillary's '08 hopes

#10 Johann Hari: Which way will David Cameron turn: back towards Salisbury or forward with Disraeli?

#11 How Christianity Shaped the Dieting Movement

Week of November 28, 2005

#1 Susan Jacoby: The founders left God out of the Constitution (And it wasn't an oversight)

#2 Daniel Pipes: Muhammad Ali v. George W. Bush

#3 Victor David Hanson: The project in Iraq can succeed, and leave its critics scrambling

#4 Max Holland: Was Howard Baker Really Mr. Clean?

#5 Gil Troy: Middle East terrorists in suits and ties

#6 Jim Sleeper: Behind the Deluge of Porn, a Conservative Sea-Change

#7 David Gelernter: Abraham Lincoln's Thanksgiving

#8 Joshua Spivak: Recalling the Mayor of Spokane for Various Offenses

#9 Humberto Fontova: Castro's Plan to Attack Macy's the Day After Thanksgiving, 1962

#10 John O'Sullivan: Europe Must Face Ugly Truths of Communist Past

Week of November 21, 2005

#1 Lawrence F. Kaplan: Liberals for Scowcroft

#2 James C. Cobb: Liberals shouldn't learn the wrong lesson from Rosa Parks

#3 Martin Kramer: MESA ... The Academic Intifada

#4 Victor Davis Hanson: Democrat Lies About the War

#5 Michael Oren: Ariel Sharon's Bid for Greatness Might Just Succeed

#6 Larry Schweikart: Murtha Will Hurt Dems

#7 Neal Ascherson: Modern Britain’s obsession with a constipating “national heritage”

#8 James Sharpe : Why the Gunpowder Plot Is Still Relevant

#9 Tsuneishi Keiichi: Unit 731 and the Japanese Imperial Army’s Biological Warfare Program

#10 Interview with Nuremberg Prosecutor Whitney Harris

Week of November 14, 2005

#1 David Greenberg: Scholars grapple with Bill Clinton's legacy

#2 Michael Oren: The Middle East and the Making of the United States, 1776 to 1815

#3 Alyssa A. Lappen: The Middle East Studies Association in 2005 ... More of the Same

#4 Mark LeVine: Assimilate or Die

#5 Sidney Blumenthal: Bush's White House is dismissive of history, yet increasingly desperate to rewrite it

#6 Gavan McCormack: Okinawa and the Revamped US-Japan Alliance

#7 Stephen Prothero: A history of spirituality from Emerson to Oprah--and a defense of it.

#8 Staughton Lynd vs. Edmund S. Morgan: History from Below

#9 Wilson Quarterly Review Essay: Overselling Democracy

#10 Daniel Pipes: Palestinians Taste a Dose of Their Own Medicine

Week of November 7, 2005

#1 Mark LeVine: Why Paris is Burning

#1 Doug Ireland: Why Is France Burning?

#2 Ian Coller: Paris Unrest (A doctoral student's perspective from the trenches of banlieue research)

#3 Juan Cole: What's Wrong with the Media Coverage of the French Riots

#4 Daniel Pipes: Reflections on the Revolution in France

#5 Francis Fukuyama: Remaking the Middle East May in the Short Run Create More Radicals

#6 George Frederickson: Affirmative Action Blues

#7 Ronald Brownstein: History Suggests Bush Will Have a Hard Time Recovering

#8 Julia M. Klein: Plagiarism a Theme of Wendy Wasserstein's New Play .. Plea for Tolerance

#9 Victor Davis Hanson: How Did Democracy Die in Athens?

#10 Johann Hari: Our Skewed Version of Ancient Roman History

Week of October 31, 2005

#1 Alexander Keyssar: Why We Shouldn't Be Surprised that Katrina Poverty Hasn't Sparked Reform

#2 James P. Pfiffner: Rating Scootergate

#3 Daniel Pipes: The Bush Doctrine

#4 David C. Hendrickson & Robert W. Tucker: How Far Bush Has Strayed in Foreign Policy from the Founders'

#5 Lewis Gould: The Bush White House Is in Trouble Because of Its Disdain for Governing

#6 A Historian of the Black Plague Explains What We Have to Fear from the Avian Flu

#7 Holman Jenkins, Jr.: Sitting in the Dark this Winter You Might Think About the Santa Barbara Spill of 1969

#8 Michael Parenti: Right-Wing Judicial Activism

#9 Thomas Sowell: Why was that bus Rosa Parks took segregated?

#10 Max Holland: The Politics (and Profits) of Information: The 9/11 Commission One Year Later

#11 Paul Rogat Loeb: The Real Rosa Parks

Week of October 24, 2005

#1 What Turned Brent Scowcroft Against the War in Iraq

#2 Thomas G. Schelling: The Nuclear Taboo

#3 Victor Davis Hanson: What Bush Needs to Do Now

#4 Carolyn Eisenberg: What History Will Say About the Iraq War

#5 Joshua Zeitz: The Plame Game

#6 Fritz Stern: Lessons from Germany About Democracy

#7 Chris Bray: so I'm reading the Iraqi constitution...

#8 Robert Samuelson: It's Not Your Dad's Oil Story

#9 Anna Quindlan: We've Been Here Before (Iraq/Vietnam)

#10 David J. Garrow: History Almost Passed Parks By

Week of October 17, 2005

#1 Sean Wilentz: Bush's Ancestors

#2 Victor Davis Hanson: An American “Debacle”?

#3 Martin Kramer: Will Bush's Iraq War Have the Impact of Napoleon's Invasion of Egypt?

#4 Eric Alterman: Bush & FDR ... Quite Different Even If They Did Both Lie

#5 Melvin Laird: Iraq ... Learning the Lessons of Vietnam

#6 Sidney Blumenthal: Conservatives are raging against Bush to hide the utter failure of their ideology

#7 Eric J. Sundquist: Blacks and Jews: From Afro-Zionism to Anti-Zionism

#8 James L. Payne: Deconstructing Nation Building

#9 Michael Nelson: How the GOP Conquered the South

#10 Eric Hobsbawm: Benefits of Diaspora

Week of October 10, 2005

#1 Guenter Bischof: Impressions Upon Returning to New Orleans

#2 Max Boot: The Bottom Line for Bush

#3 Brendan Miniter: What the Miers fight means for future nominees, and for politics in Washington

#4 Joshua Kurlantzick : What the return of Japanese militarism means for Japan

#5 Daniel Pipes: Bush Declares War on Radical Islam

#6 Morton Mintz: Ten Questions for Harriet Miers

#7 Julia Whitty: What America Owes the Indians ... $176 Billion

#8 Alvaro Vargas Llosa: Myths About Che

#9 Benjamin Cheever: Is It Really “The Worst Generation”? (Baby Boomers)

#10 Andrew Delbanco: Henry Adams, Bitter Old Man

Week of October 3, 2005

#1 David Greenberg: Bush Is No FDR (Not Even a Hoover)

#2 Robert S. McElvaine: O.J., W, `us' and `them'--and truth

#3 Juan Cole: Bush Gives Another Speech Against Terrorism

#4 Victor Davis Hanson: Interview

#5 Jonathan Alter: Tom DeLay's House of Shame

#6 Sidney Blumenthal: Fall of the Rovean Empire?

#7 Next Time Let's Have Congress Declare War

#8 Anatol Lieven: There is no 'New Deal' in today's America

#9 Keith Windschuttle: Mao's Lies

#10 Judith Klinghoffer: The US Should Learn the Lesson of Zheng He

#11 Hiram Hover: What's So Bad About Being Called a Redskin?

#12 Spencer Dew: The Trivialization of Nazism

Week of September 26, 2005

#1 Niall Ferguson: What happens if we pull out of Iraq? Think Beirut - to the power of 10

#2 Juan Cole: Why US Troops Have to Begin Leaving Iraq Now

#3 David Remnick: How Presidents and citizens react to disaster

#4 Robert McElvaine: Is God a Terrorist?

#5 Arjun Makhijani: The Soviet Nuclear Waste Explosion America Helped Cover Up (And Other Crimes Against Public Health)

#6 Ira Katznelson: New Deal, Raw Deal ... How Aid Became Affirmative Action for Whites

#7 James M. Banner: What's Wrong with the Teaching American History Grants

#8 Nat Hentoff: John Roberts v. Thurgood Marshall

#9 Steven Plaut: The Leftwingers Who Have Emerged from the CIA

#10 Maurice Isserman: David Horowitz and the Truth

#11 Dan Savage: Could Gay Marriage Lead to Demands for Polygamist Rights?

Week of September 19, 2005

#1 Ted Widmer: Whatever Became of Presidential Peacemaking?

#2 Juan Cole: No, We Can't Immediately Withdraw from Iraq

#3 Sidney Blumenthal: Bush's responses to the crisis in Iraq and the
aftermath of Katrina are jarringly repetitive

#4 Jim Sleeper: Forget the cheap slogans. Saving a city is hard and dirty

#5 Felipe Fernández-Armesto: Cities Do Not Last

#6 Harold Meyerson: Master of the Poison Pill

#7 Nick Kotz: Review of Ira Katznelson's When Affirmative Action Was White

#8 Robert J. Samuelson: Discovering Poverty (Again)

#9 Ted Steinberg: Our Tsunami?

#10 Lawrence Goldstone: The White Washing of American History

#11 Michael T. Klare: More Blood, Less Oil

#12 Simon Jenkins: British Official Seeks Control Celebrations Of Historical

#13 Michael Vorenberg: Review of Mary Frances Berry's My Face Is Black Is
True: Callie House and the Struggle for Ex-Slave Reparations

Week of September 12, 2005

#1 Cory Robin: The Fear of the Liberals

#2 Joshua Wolf Shenk: Lincoln's Great Depression

#3 Ari Kelman: America's Underclass Exposed

#4 Daniel Pipes: What If The United States Had Not Invaded Iraq

#5 Martin Kramer: When Scholars Make Predictions About the Middle East I
Keep Track

#6 Joshua Brown: Mission Not Accomplished (Illustration)

#7 Paul Krugman: Not the New Deal

#8 David Greenberg: The Legend of the Scopes Trial (Science didn't really

#9 Rebecca Solnit: The Uses of Disaster

#10 Richard Cohen: What Responsibility?

#11 Margaret Washington: The Unheralded Black Women Who Railed Against

#12 Barbara Demick: South Koreans Clash Over A 1957 Statue Of McArthur

Week of September 5, 2005

#1 Juan Cole: Christopher Hitchens Is Still Hopeful About Iraq?

#2 Daniel Pipes: L.A.'s Thwarted Terror Spree

#3 Victor Davis Hanson: Why We Must Stay in Iraq

#4 Francis Fukuyama: The Price of the Iraq War ... Undermining Support for
the Real War on Islamist Enemies

#5 Elliott Gorn: There's A Long Liberal Tradition of Motherhood and Social

#6 Fred Glass: How Much Longer Will Unions Survive?

#7 Lawrence F. Kaplan: 4 Years After 9-11, We're Still Bowling Alone

#8 Alan Dershowitz: Telling the Truth About Chief Justice Rehnquist

#9 Todd Gitlin: Anti-War America

#10 Larry Elliott : Welcome to The Balmy Days of Another Edwardian Summer

Week of August 22, 2005

#1 Sidney Blumenthal: A Servile Congress Has Let Bush Go on Permanent Vacation

#2 Juan Cole: The Iraqi Constitution ... DOA?

#3 Joseph Ellis: Baghdad's foundering fathers

#4 Gavan McCormack: If You Ran North Korea, You'd Want Nukes too Given American Hostility

#5 Andrei Lankov: Welcome to Capitalism, North Korean Comrades

#6 David N. Gibbs: How Elites Use Pretexts to Manufacture Public Support for War

#7 Daniel Pipes: How Terrorism Obstructs Radical Islam

#8 Gary Hart: Who Will Say 'No More'?

#9 Charles Platt: What the Inventor of the Neutron Bomb Could Teach Us (If Only We Listened)

#10 Catholic Website Calls Hiroshima a Sin and the Complaints Fly

Week of August 15, 2005

#1 David Morse: Why Don't the Media Explain that Oil Drives the Genocide in Darfur?

#2 Douglas R. Burgess Jr.: The Dread Pirate Bin Laden

#3 Paul Krugman: Al Gore Was Elected President in 2004

#4 Daniel Pipes: The End of Treason

#5 Jonathan Cutler and Thaddeus Russell: Workers of the World ... Disunite!

#6 Juan Cole: Iraqis Shouldn't Rush Constitution-Writing Just to Get a Deal

#7 Fumio Matsuo: Tokyo Needs Its Dresden Moment

#8 Roger Pulvers: The Japanese Diplomat Who Saved the Lives of Jews

#9 Norman Solomon: So Now They Are Trashing Cindy Sheehan?

#10 Max Boot: Hamastan? Gaza pullout is worth the risk

Week of August 8, 2005

#1 John Gray: Tom Friedman Is Wrong ... The World Is Round After All

#2 Daniel Pipes: Today Gaza, Tomorrow Jerusalem?

#3 Juan Cole: Iraqis Shouldn't Rush Constitution-Writing Just to Get a Deal

#4 Karen Armstrong: On Misreading Holy Books

#5 Jim Hoagland: Dynasties in Both Saudi Arabia and America

#6 Max Boot: A Dying Man's Cry for Freedom in Iran

#7 Noam Chomsky: We Must Act Now to Prevent Nuclear Holocaust

#8 Michael F. Shaughnessy: Never Have So Few Tried to Teach So Many with So Few Resources

#9 Harvey Wasserman: Nagasaki, the Forgotten Atomic Target

#10 Michael Oren: "Downfall" Is About Letting Germans Off the Hook

Week of August 1, 2005

#1 What Recent Scholarship Concludes About Hiroshima

#2 Christopher Levenick: How the Culture Wars Have Changed Since the Scopes Trial

#3 Juan Cole: Blowback, Big Time

#4 Niall Ferguson & Laurence J. Kotlikoff: Why a New New Deal Is Needed

#5 Daniel Pipes: Why TV Execs Shouldn't Give Extremists a Platform

#6 Mohamad Bazzi: Insurgency Continues Targeting Civilians--Which Is Almost Unprecedented

#7 James Howard Kunstler: Globalization Is an Anomaly and Its Time Is Running Out

#8 Lawrence S. Wittner: What We Need to Do to Make Progress Controlling Nukes

#9 A Texas Scholar Digs into The Dark Truths About the Role of the Texas Rangers in Early-20th-Century Border Wars

#10 Scott Jaschik: The Debate About Jared Diamond's Guns, Germs, and Steel

Week of July 25, 2005

#1 Eliot A. Cohen: A Military Historian Whose Son Is Headed to Iraq Reflects on the War He Supports

#2 Morton Mintz: The Senate Should Ask John Roberts If He Thinks Corporations Are Persons Under the 14th Amendment

#3 Juan Cole: On How US Troops Aren't Coming Home Any Time Soon

#4 Daniel Pipes: British Opinion Surveys from an Islamist Hell

#5 James Ottavio Castagnera: An Open Letter to Liberals

#6 Juan Cole et al: An Exchange About the Middle East in the Wake of the Iraq War

#7 Max Boot: Support for Islamist Terrorists Is Declining

#8 David Kennedy: Our Mercenary Army

#9 Harold Bloom: Walt Whitman, America's Greatest Artist

#10 William Fowler: Massachusetts Should Apologize for the Arcadian Expulsion

Week of July 18, 2005

#1 Victor Davis Hanson: And then They Came After Us

#2 Rick Perlstein: What's Wrong with the Democrats (Interview)

#3 Caleb Carr: Islamist Terrorists Target Us When They Smell Fear

#4 Tom Engelhardt, Mark Danner, Michael Kinsley: The Downing Street Memo

#5 Burke Vs. Horowitz: Does the Left Hate America?

#6 Gavan McCormack: A North Korean Visitor to the White House

#7 Norman Solomon: General Westmoreland’s Death Wish and the War in Iraq

#8 Joshua Brown: Bush's Nominee to the Supreme Court (Illustration)

#9 James Pinkerton: Understand Terrorism? Ridiculous

#10 Martin E. Marty: Radical Islam in Europe

#11 Alan Dershowitz: A Children's Book Celebrates Chomsky and Zinn?

#12 Daniel Pipes: The Apology He Got from an Islamic Group that Claimed He Approved of Hitler

Week of July 11, 2005

#1 Clarence Page: The Memin Pinguin Controversy--And What We Could Learn from Mexico

#2 Alvaro Vargas Llosa: The Selling of Che Guevara

#3 Juan Cole: How Sharon May Trigger Terrorist Attacks in the US

#4 Henry Mark Holzer: Justice O'Connor Was No Conservative on the Bench

#5 Max Boot: The BBC Still Refuses to Call the London Terrorists Terrorists?

#6 Daniel Pipes: Weak Brits, Tough French?

#7 Walter Laqueur: Terrorism Won't Be Defeated in Our Lifetime

#8 Abigail Thernstrom and Edward Blum: Republicans Should Vote to End the Emergency Provisions of the Voting Rights Act of 1965

#9 Alan Dershowitz: New Challenge to Columbia and to Chomsky, Finkelstein, and Cockburn

#10 Christopher Hitchens: Would Thomas Jefferson Have Opposed the Iraq War?

#11 Thomas Woods: The Flat Earth Libel Against Religion

Week of July 4, 2005

#1 Max Boot: Why Throwing Money at Africa Won't Work

#2 Bill Witherup: Richland, WA ... Where They Made the Plutonium Used in The Bomb

#3 Warren Goldstein: Remembering that Liberal Protestants Matter

#4 James Taranto: Has Roe Helped Reduce the Number of Democratic Voters?

#5 Tom Engelhardt: Robbing the Cradle of Civilization

#6 Richard Labunski: Congress Should Call Conventions for Flag Amendment

#7 Murray Polner: What's Needed Are Nuremberg Trials for Terrorists

#8 Norman Solomon Interview: The Lies Presidents Tell in Wartime

#9 Stephanie Coontz: It Was Straights Who Undermined Marriage, Not Gays

#10 Louis Menand: What Is Wanted in a Justice Is ...

#11 James Pinkerton: What the "War of the Worlds" Says About Our Fears in a Post-9-11 World

#12 Martin E. Marty: Did Jesus Believe in the Rapture?

#13 Gary Younge: Why the Story of Racism in the South Doesn't End with the Jailing of Edgar Ray Killen

Week of June 27, 2005

#1 Max Boot: Torture at Gitmo? Ask the Mau Mau

#2 Tom Engelhardt: The Immoral Relativism of the Bush Administration

#3 Juan Cole: Evaluating Bush's Big Speech

#4 Daniel Pipes: Is Allah God?

#5 Sidney Blumenthal: Bush's Empty Words

#6 Eric Hobsbawm: America's Neo-conservative World Supremacists Will Fail

#7 Timothy Naftali: What Bush Could Learn from LBJ

#8 Chris Bray: Concerning the War Historian Who Knows Nothing About the Military

#9 Gil Troy: What's Wrong with Live 8

#10 George Beres: A July 4th to Lament What's Happened to Our Country

#11 Neve Gordon: Sharon's Plan Is Never to Negotiate

#12 Chester Finn: Philadelphia's Misguided Demand for African-American History

Week of June 20, 2005

#1 Max Boot: Why the Rebels Will Lose

#2 Harold Meyerson: No One to Demonize

#3 Diane Ravitch: Ethnomathematics

#4 Jack Rakove: Bush, Nader and the 'I' Word (Impeachment)

#5 Daniel Pipes: Radical Islam as its Own Cure?

#6 Juan Cole: The Revenge of Baghdad Bob

#7 Paul Johnson: The Anti-Semitic Disease

#8 Sidney Blumenthal: Blinded by the Light at the End of the Tunnel

#9 Anne Applebaum: The Only Thing That the Museum of American History Doesn't Do Is Teach History

#10 Alan Wolfe: The Referendum of 2004

#11 Arlie Hochschild: 30 Years Ago We Cared About the Common Man

Week of June 13, 2005

#1 Peter Dreier: Lynching Lessons

#2 Wilfred M. McClay: Bush's Calling

#3 Paul Johnson: What Europe Really Needs

#4 Daniel Pipes: Saudis Import Slaves to America

#5 Clark G. Reynolds: Time for Reality to Replace "PDB" History

#6 Jim Sleeper: Europe 1, American Right 0

#7 John Q. Barrett: "Deep Throat," Justice Jackson and Suicide Pacts

#8 Alan Block: Europe Interrupted

#9 Timothy Garton Ash: Decadent Europe

#10 Keith Windschuttle: The Journalism of Warfare

Week of June 3, 2005

#1 Keith Windschuttle: The Journalism of Warfare

#2 Gil Troy: Legacy of Ronald Reagan

#3 Max Boot: Who's Really Abusing the Koran?

#4 Timothy Garton Ash: Decadent Europe

#5 Sidney Blumenthal: Where Nixon Failed, Bush Has Succeeded in Muzzling the Media

#6 Rodger Citron: After Rehnquist?

#7 Fareed Zakaria: What's Wrong With Europe?

#8 Daniel Pipes: Is Turkey Going Islamist?

#9 Barry Gewen: Forget the Founding Fathers

#10 Norman Solomon: From Watergate to Downing Street -- Lying for War

Week of May 30, 2005

#1 Michiko Kakutani: On the Difference Between Bill Clinton and George W. Bush

#2 Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.: FDR at Yalta (This is a new piece)

#3 Max Boot: Why Europeans Are as Mad as Hell at the New Europe

#4 Edward L. Ayers: What We Can Learn from Our Reconstruction that Will Help in Iraq

#5 David Runciman: How the Right Persuaded Americans to Abolish the Estate Tax

#6 James S. Corum: How the British Defeated Insurgents in Malaya

#7 Ian Buruma: Why he Japanese Are Now Receptive to Patriotic History

#8 Michael McGough: Do Muslims, Christians and Jews Worship the Same God?

#9 Howard Kurtz: Would Deep Throat Be a Hero in 2005?

#10 Mark Danner: To Major in English Is to Wear a Question Mark

Week of May 23, 2005

#1 James Pinkerton: President Bush's Historical Revisionism (The Shame of Memorial Day)

#2 David Domke and Kevin Coe: President Bush's God-Talk

#3 Mark Lilla: Why Americans Are Turning to Religion

#4 Larry Schweikart: My Advice to Conservative Graduate Students

#5 Jonathan Schell: A Revolution in American Nuclear Policy

#6 Weekly Standard: Talk About Dissing the Koran!

#7 Tom Engelhardt: The Return of Body Counting

#8 Niall Ferguson: Failure in Iraq Would Be Ghastly

#9 Howard Zinn: Graduation Address, Spelman College

#10 Max Boot: Gay or Female, Uncle Sam Should Want You

Week of May 16, 2005

#1 Bill Moyers: The Rightwing Attack on PBS

#2 Jacob Heilbrunn: The Left's Flawed View of the American Empire

#3 Juan Cole: The Memo that Proves Bush Lied Us into War

#4 Daniel Pipes:'s Koran Desecration Problem

#5 Donald Kagan: In Defense of History

#6 WSJ: Newsweek's Mistake Reflects the Media's Vietnam Obsession

#7 Christopher Hitchens: It's No Mystery What the Jihadists Want in Iraq,
Contrary to What the NYT says

#8 Face-Off on History Education: Jon Weiner Vs. Diane Ravitch

#9Jon Wiener: Israeli Boycott ... A Mistake

#10 Tony de Brum: History Happens Again (Unfortunately) on the Marshall Islands

Week of May 9, 2005

#1 Carlin Romano: What the Media Have Left Out About the Pope's WW II Past

#2 Jess Bravin: Officials at Guantanamo May Be Lucky They Won't Be Held to the Same Standards America Held the Japanese to

#3 Bernard Lewis: The Two Changes that Sabotaged Democracy in the Middle East

#4 Thomas Friedman: Humiliation ... a Terribly Underestimated Force in History

#5 YALTA AND BUSH: Excerpts from Arthur Schlesinger, Jr., Anne Applebaum, John Radzilowski

#6 Mark Ames: The Latvia President Bush Didn't Talk About

#7 George Will: Why Paul Wolfowitz Insists He's Not a Wilsonian

#8 Sidney Blumenthal: Why Tony Blair Could Be the Last Prime Minister to Embrace a U.S. President's Mendacity

#9 Ralph Luker: A Brief History of History Blogs

#10 Mark Selden: Now How Do American Textbooks Treat the Japanese?

Week of May 2, 2005

#1 David Ignatius: What the Civil War Can Teach UIs About Iraq and Successful Occupations (As Taught by James McPherson)

#2 David Brooks: Militant Secularists Should Remember Lincoln's Use of Religion

#3 David Ekbladh: We Should Remember that Nation-Building in Korea Took 52 Years

#4 Ken A. Grant: The Danger in the New Pope's Marriage of Religion and Politics

#5 Matthew Dennis: The Danger of Prayer Breakfasts

#6 Ron Chernow: Why the Attempt by Some Republicans to Eviscerate the Courts Is Unwise

#7 Peter Carlson: Is Bob Jones University Changing?

#8 Martin E. Marty: Is the U.S. in Danger of Becoming a Theocracy?

#9 Daniel Pipes: Why We Shouldn't Be Buddy-Buddy with Hamas

#10 Jonathan Zimmerman: Americans Should Think Twice Before Criticizing Japan's Textbooks

Week of April 25, 2005

#1 Ian Buruma: Denuding the Holocaust of Meaning by Applying It to Political Enemies

#2 Max Boot: So What If Bolton's a Tough Guy

#3 David Starkey: Gunpowder Plot was England's 9/11

#4 Sean Wilentz: Repubs Blocked Far More of Clinton's Judicial Nominations

#5 Tom Engelhardt: Those Persistent Vietnam Echoes

#6 Martin Kramer: Columbia's Misguided Search for a Israel Studies Scholar

#7 Gwynne Dyer: Why Hitler's Evil Is Unlikely to Be Forgotten as Napoleon's Was

#8 FDR's Disability: New Recognition by the Media

#9 So When Did the Gay Rights Movement Begin?

#10 Dana Milbank: Bush's Challenge and FDR's Were Far Different in Promoting Social Security Reform

Week of April 18, 2005

#1 David Ignatius: It's Not Just Bush Who's Nationalistic ... The Whole World Is

#2 Sidney Blumenthal: Holy Warriors ... George Bush and Pope Benedict XVI

#3 Eric Alterman: The Bush Administration's War on the Media

#4 Juan Cole: The New McCarthyism

#5 Fred Hiatt: China Is in No Position to Lecture Japan About Facing the Truth About History

#6 Cass R. Sunstein: The Republican Assault on the Judiciary

#7 Jeffrey Hart: Populism, Evangelicalism--And the Bush Administration

#8 Theodore K. Rabb: No Child Left Behind Is Hurting History

#9 Ben Yagoda: Why We Got a Better Feel for What It Was Like to be a Soldier in WW II

#10 Who Was Benedict XV?

#11 Arun Pereira: The Relevance of the New Papacy

Week of April 11, 2005

#1 Juan Cole: Thomas Friedman's Slander of Middle East Studies and How it is Wrong and Ignorant

#2 Eric Alterman: How Did Neo-Cons Take Over America?

#3 Daniel Pipes: The Forcible Removal of Israelis from Gaza

#4 Neve Gordon: What Bush Has Learned from Israel About Occupations

#5 Eric Foner: What the NYT Got Wrong About the Columbia University Dispute

#6 Linda Greenhouse: The Evolution of Justice Blackmun (He Wasn't Always Sensitive to Women's Rights)

#7 Kai Bird and Martin Sherwin: If Only Robert Oppenheimer Had Got His Way on Nukes We Wouldn't Have to Worry About Bin Laden Getting Them

#8 David Oshinsky: The Many People Who Helped End Polio in America

#9 Jerry Taylor and Peter Van Doren: Repeating Jimmy Carter's Mistaken Energy "Solutions"

#10 Terry M. Neal: Bush's Historically Low Poll Numbers

Week of April 4, 2005

#1 Sidney Blumenthal: How the White House Is Exploiting the Pope

#2 Steven Calabresi and James Lindgren: Why Supreme Court Justices Should Be Term Limited

#3 Jeffrey L. Pasley: How History Helped Me Realize the Importance of Social Security

#4 Chalmers Johnson: Wake Up!

#5 Kevin Baker: Defending Massachusetts from Republican Attacks

#6 Max Boot: Ahmad Chalabi, CIA Scapegoat

#7 Daniel Pipes: Ariel Sharon's Folly Will Only Embolden Terrorists
#8 David Ignatius: Why Bush Is Dropping in the Polls

#9 Mark Danner: What Iraqis Thought About the January Elections

#10 Deborah Lipstadt: C-Span's Revisionist History

Week of March 28, 2005

#1 Sidney Blumenthal: How the Right Is Using Bush After He Tried to Use them (Schiavo Case)

#2 Mike Wallace: What Liberals Can Learn from a History of the Stock Market

#3 Tom Barry, Laura Carlsen, and John Gershman: President Bush Needs to Change Course and Adopt the Good Neighbor Policy

#4 Carolyn Eisenberg: Why Their Destiny Is Not in Iraqis' Hands

#5 Joshua Brown: Bush and the End of the Senate Filibuster (Illustration)

#6 Ruth Rosen: We Should Be Talking About the Impact of Social Security on Women

#7 Max Hastings: What Israelis Need to Do to Make Peace Happen

#8 Daniel Pipes: Anti-Semitism in Muslim Schools

#9 Updating the Devil's Dictionary in the Bush Era

#10 Leon Fink: How History Departments Hire

Week of March 21, 2005

#1 Robert Reich: The Democrats Need a New Narrative

#2 Peter Charles Hoffer: Concerning the Democratic Party's Effort to Reframe the Abortion Debate

#3 Scott Sherman: Columbia University's Middle East Crisis

#4 Hendrik Hertzberg: George Bush, Ingrate (Re: Social Security)

#5 Gil Troy: We Live in the Age of Reagan (And Ralph Lauren)

#6 Max Boot: 500 Miles Per Gallon!

#7 Doron Ben-Atar: The Music Industry Needs to Get Real About Music Piracy

#8 Kevin Baker: Maybe Democrats Should Just Wait 4 Years and See What Happens

#9 Does the Vatican Owe an Apology to Muslims for the Crusades?

#10 Martin Miller: Are Reenactments Good TV AND Good History?

Week of March 14, 2005

#1 Richard Cohen: C-Span's Idea of Balance Is to Feature Holocaust Denier David Irving?

#2 John Zogby: How Bush Can Use the Social Security Debate to Create a Republican Majority (Even If He Loses)

#3 Edward Berkowitz: Proposed Major Overhauls of Social Programs Usually Fail

#4 Jeffrey Rosen: Why Liberals May Miss Chief Justice Rehnquist

#5 Thomas Fleming: Why Election Day Meant More to the Irish in My Youth than St. Patrick's Day

#5 David Greenberg: The Nixon Library Can't Be Trusted

#6 Peter Grier: Why Reforming Social Security in 2005 Is Harder than It Was in 1983

#7 Max Boot: Imagine If Ward Churchill Had Referred to the Victims of AIDS as "Little Perverts"

#8 Interview: Barry Rubin and Judith Colp Rubin on Anti-Americanism

#9 Steven Aftergood: Missing Files in the Age of Information

#10 Victor Davis Hanson: How the U.S. Made a Positive Difference in the Last 15 Years

Week of March 7, 2005

#1 Juan Cole: Paul Wolfowitz's Mistakes

#2 Daniel Pipes: Why All May Not Work Out as Well in the Middle East as We Now Hope

#3 Bret Stephens: Why Journalists Often Make a Mush of the First Draft of History

#4 James G. Hershberg: JFK's Secret Attempt to Defuse the Missile Crisis with the Help of Brazil

#5 David Brooks: What Went Wrong with the Great Society? Just Ask the Scholars Behind the Public Interest

#6 Editorial in the Nation: U.S. Triumphalism Is Not Warranted by Events in the Middle East

#7 Ellis Cose: 40 Years After the Moynihan Report--What Have We Learned?

#8 Larry Berman's Suit to Obtain Select PDB's from the CIA

#9 Anne C. Bailey: It's Time We Research What the Slave Trade Meant to Africans

#10 Jim Gilcrhist: Was Stalin Murdered?

Week of February 28, 2005

#1 Juan Cole: Should We Be Scared that Iraq's Apparent New Leader Is from the Dawa Party ?

#2 Daniel Pipes: Why Liberals Need to Start Focusing on Security

#3 Diana Muir: What's Wrong with the National Museum of the American Indian

#4 Nouritza Matossian: When Its Finest Novelist Attacked Turkey's Bloody Past

#5 Why the Japanese Have Forgotten the Firebombing of Tokyo in 1945

#6 Richard Cohen: Coolidge's Wise Observation (George W. Are You Listening?)

#7 Kirkpatrick Sale: The Collapse of the American Empire Is Coming in the Next 15 Years or so

#8 Roger Cohen: The Jewish-American POWS Who Were Sent to Concentration Camps

#9 The Revisionist Attempts to Minimize the Nanjing Massacre Are Appalling

#10 Nevada's Atomic Testing Museum--Why Some Are Critical

Week of February 21, 2005

#1 Sam Wineburg: Shouldn't Teachers of History Have Majored in History?

#2 Ellen Goodman: The Republicans Turn to FDR to Help Sell Social Security "Reform"

#3 Max Boot: Thomas Wood's Factually Wrong History

#4 Stephen F. Cohen: Gorbachev's Lost Legacy

#5 Bruce Shapiro: Ward Churchill, Scholar

#6 Deborah E. Lipstadt: Online Chat About Her Holocaust Case

#7 Michela Wrong: Belgium's Amnesia About the Congo

#8 Richard Parker: Galbraith, JFK and Vietnam (Nation Mag.)

#9 Harold Bloom: The 3 Books You'd Want on a Desert Island

#10 Ford & Carter: These Are the Most Partisan Times They've Seen

Week of February 14, 2005

#1 Hendrik Hertzberg: Iraq's Election Was a Lot More Meaningful than Vietnam's in 1967

#2 Dov S. Zakheim: A Former Bush Defense Official Questions the Party Line About the Desirability of Planting Democracies in the Middle East

#3 David Corn: Negroponte's Dark Past

#4 David M. Kennedy: Does the W in George W's Name Stand for Woodrow Wilson?

#5 Georgy Bulychev: One Way Out of the Korean Mess

#6 Catesby Leigh: Louis I. Kahn's Splendid Design for an FDR Memorial

#7 Tristram Hunt: Historians Are in Cahoots with the Bush Administration

#8 Justin Ewers: Fresh Takes on Lincoln's Boyhood

#9 Peter Steinfels: A. Lincoln, Theologian

#10 Max Hastings: The Japanese Mistreatment of POW's--And Still They Don't Apologize

Week of February 7, 2005

#1 FAREED ZACKARIA: Bush Should Remember that Even Lincoln Changed
Strategies When They Weren't Working

#2 NIALL FERGUSON: Why We Have to Stay in Iraq

#3 NEVE GORDON: What Is Happening in the American-Dominated Middle East Is
Something New: Democratic Occupation

#4 PATRICK BUCHANAN: They Attacked Us Because We Love Freedom?

#5 QUENTIN P. TAYLOR: So Was the Wizard of Oz an Allegory for Populism?

#6 MUZAMIL JALEEL: My Search for a Village in Kashmir Untouched by
Violence--And Why I Almost Gave Up

#7 GARY LEMKE: The Obituary of Max Schmeling ... Nazi Icon?

#8 GEORGE F. WILL: Why Did George Bush Mention the Homestead Act in His

#9 OLEG PREUSNER: Columbia University's One-Sided Conference About Israel

#10 A.N.WILSON: When It Finally Occurred to Me that Disraeli Was a Racist

Week of January 31, 2005

#1 George F. Will: Why Did George Bush Mention the Homestead Act in His Inaugural?

#2 Do the Tories Just Want Sanitized History?

#3 Daniel Gross (Slate): The One Democrat Republicans Are Still Scared of: FDR

#4 Martin Kramer: Columbia University Compounds Its Errors

#5 Daniel Pipes: The Unhealthy Influence of Saudi Money

#6 Kiron Skinner: Bush Has Been Sounding the Same Themes for Years (Just
Like Reagan Did)

#7 Andrew Roberts: Why Did Napoleon Lose the Battle of Waterloo? Finally,
an Answer!

#8 Deborah Lipstadt: Holocaust Denial Is Alive and Well in the Middle East

#9 Was Sirhan Sirhan Framed? (Los Angeles Times)

#10 Thane Peterson: Iraq's Lesson ... History Matters

Week of January 24, 2005

#1 Why Did Denmark Jews Survive While Dutch Jews Died in the Holocaust?

#2 Adam Cohen: Now a Bestseller ... A Rightwing History book that Celebrates Politically Incorrect History

#3 What Many People Don't Realize About the Holocaust Death Camps

#4 Martin Gilbert: Should the Allies Have Bombed Auschwitz?

#5 David Horowitz: Why I Am Not Celebrating John Hope Franklin's Birthday

#6 Jonathan Spence: Why China Is Having Trouble Giving Zhao Ziyang a Decent Funeral

#7 Murray Polner: The Struggle for 0il and Power: Is Iran Next?

#8 Daniel Pipes: The Future of Judaism

#9 Mark Levene: The Political Misuse of Holocaust Memorial Day

#10 Michael Kessler: The Controversy Over Prayers at the Inauguration

#11 Martin Kramer: Columbia University's Darkest Hour

Week of January 17, 2005

#1 Jon Wiener: The Chemical Industry Attack on 2 Historians

#2 Daniel Gross: Social Security Bashing ... An Historical Perspective

#3 Jeff Madrick: Capitalism and Government Go Hand in Hand

#4 David Broder: How Bush Hopes to Avoid Fate of Past Presidents' Second

#5 Roger Pulvers: The Japanese Have Never Taken Responsibility for Their

#6 Susan Jacoby: Once Upon a Time Darwin Was Accepted by Religious

#7 Vicky A. Checter: Alexander's Road In Iraq Parallels U.S.

#8 Myron H. Thompson: Do You Know Who Draco Was? Do You Know Why You Should

#9 Harold Meyerson: Bush and LBJ Compared

#10 Second Term Establishes Bush Dynasty, Eases Sting Of 1992 Loss

Week of January 10, 2005

#1 John Lewis Gaddis: Bush's Midcourse Corrections

#2 Martin E. Marty: Maybe We Should Take Andrew Greeley's Advice on the War in Iraq and Just Get Out

#3 The Tsunami that Lisbon Never Recovered from

#4 Daniel Pipes: Hooray for Fox for Running a Prime Time Show that Deals with Islamist Terrorism

#5 Interview with Edwin Black: Banking on Baghdad: Inside Iraq's 7,000-Year History of War, Profit, and Conflict

#6 Renato Redentor Constantino: So We Want Praise for Our Efforts in Asia?

#7 The French Need to Confront Their Own History of Anti-Semitism

#8 Interview with Dore Gold: Why the UN Has Failed

#9 Gregory Kane: Would Schwerner Have Died in Mississippi Had He Not Been in Baltimore First?

#10 Ray Takeyh: What We Need to Promote in the Middle East Are Political Parties

Week of December 27, 2004

#1 How History Was Affected by Krakatoa: The Effect of Natural Disasters

#2 WSJ: George Bush beat John Kerry. Now he must beat Richard Nixon

#3 Joshua Brown: Doing All We Can to Help the Victims of the Tsunami? (Illustration)

#4 Simon Jenkins: The Folly of Our Leaders

#5 Robert Samuelson: The Great Forces that Are Reshaping the World's Economy (and Ours)

#6 The Return of the Troubled Vet

#7 Barack Obama Compared with Harry Truman

#8 Years from Now Historians Will Probably See Oil as a Cause of the Iraq War

#9 Timothy Noah: We Still Don't Have a Name for the first Decade of the 21st Century

#10 Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson: Kwanzaa --"Racist Holiday from Hell"

Week of December 20, 2004

#1 David Broder: About John Lewis Gaddis's Advice to the Bush Administration

#2 Stanley I. Kutler: A Shocking Poll Reveals that the Internment of Muslims Would Win Support from Millions

#3 Mark Danner: How Bush Really Won

#4 Michael Lind: The Effect of New England's Take-Over of the Democratic Party

#5 Not Even Lincoln During the Civil War Had a "Stop-Loss" Policy

#6 Bruce Thornton: Frank Rich's Litany of Liberal Myths

#7 Eric Boehlert: Bush's Astonishingly Low Poll Numbers Are Unprecedented

#8 Iraq's Library Struggles To Piece Together National History

#9 Victor Davis Hanson: Why Oliver Stone's Movie About Alexander the Great Is a Bore

#10 James Kurth: The British Roots of America Are Real

Week of December 13, 2004

#1 Robert D. Kaplan: How to Assess What's Happening in the Middle East

#2 Rick Perlstein: What the Democrats Should Do (And Shouldn't)

#3 Alan Brinkley: What the Democrats Have to Do Now

#4 Jonathan Tepperman: Anti-Anti-Americanism (NYT Book Review)

#5 An Interview with Roger Kimball ... The Rape of the Masters: How Political Correctness Sabotages Art

#6 An Historical Look At War-time Inaugurations

#7 NYT: Was Lincoln Gay? New Controversy

#8 Israel's Attack on Osiraq: A Model for Future Preventive Strikes?

#9 The Political Calculations of Richard Nixon that Lay Behind the First King Tut Visit

#10. German Immigration Issues Compared To 1950s/1960s Problems

Week of December 6, 2004

#1 Eric Foner: Rarely Has an Election Left Progressives in Such Despair

#2 Juan Cole: Just How Many Insurgencies Has the West Succeeded in Putting Down?

#3 The Nuclear Options Republicans May Use to Stop Senate Filibusters of Court Nominees

#4 Tony Judt: The Problem Ukraine Poses for Europe

#5 Lawrence Of Arabia Evaluated In Light Of Problems In Iraq

#6 Susanne Urban: Anti-Semitism in Germany Today

#7 Ralph Nader Interviewed By The Guardian

#9 James Woolsey: The Long War of the 21st Century

#10 Peter Beinart: Liberals Need to Follow Truman's Example to Be Taken Seriously on Security

#11 Bill Moyers: The Danger Ideologues Pose

#12 Author Facing Excommunication For Questioning Origins Of Mormonism

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