Lance Banning: longtime Univ. Kentucky history professor dies

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A University of Kentucky history professor and author has died. Lance Banning was nationally known as an expert on the period of American history from the American Revolution to the U-S Constitution.

Banning died yesterday at U-K Hospital in Lexington. He was 64.

Banning was a Pulitzer Prize finalist for his book "The Sacred Fire of Liberty: James Madison and the Founding of the Federal Republic." He also wrote a book about the conflict between the early political parties.

U-K history department chairman Dan Smith says Banning was a dedicated teacher. Banning had taught history at U-K since 1973.

Funeral services will be at seven p-m (eastern time) Friday at W-R Milward Mortuary - Southland.

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Herbert Barger - 2/4/2006

Dr. Banning knew Thomas Jefferson's legacy well and volunteered his vast knowledge to be a member of the Jefferson-Hemings Scholars Commission, a blue ribbon panel of thirteen distinguished scholars, to study the false claims that Jefferson fathered a slave child. That report determined that there is no proof of a this.

I wish to thank Dr. Banning for his efforts to bring the truth of the DNA Study to the public.

Herbert Barger
Board Member, Thomas Jefferson Heritage Society (
Jefferson Family Historian