Musharraf government distorting Pak history

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Leading historians from Pakistan participating at the Indian History Congress today flayed the Pervez Musharraf government for "distortion" of history in school textbooks of that country saying their government had resorted to "subversion" of history and "perpetration" of half-truths.

The seven-member Pakistani delegation here on the invitation of the Indian Council of Cultural Research (ICCR) regretted that the Musharraf government was making conscious efforts to see to it that history text books 'toed' the government line.

Mubarak Ali, head of the delegation participating in the Congress, the largest annual congregation of peers in the sub-continent, said here that like-minded historians in Pakistan were fighting against this phenomenon in the country.

"It has become a state policy to inculcate ideas that suit a particular ideology. This is unacceptable and flawed," Ali said in an interview on the sideline of the Congress.

The process of distortion, he alleged, was carried out in an elaborate and 'sophisticated' manner. Ali also alleged that particular events and personalities that suited the government's liking were selected to be part of the textbooks and interpretation of these subjects was strictly coherent with the government's stand.

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