Faith on the Quad--Scholars want to expand religious studies

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Scholars issue draft "declaration" calling for expanded role of religion in curriculum and student life -- at religious and secular colleges.

"To live in America is to live in a religiously charged atmosphere,” and that includes colleges — whether they like it or not. With those words, William M. Sullivan, a senior scholar at the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, summed up why 25 scholars — from a range of disciplines and faiths — have been working on a new statement about the role of religion on campuses. The Wingspread Declaration on Religion and Public Life: Engaging Higher Education is still only a draft. But the document, which comes out of discussions that started during the 2004 elections, was presented — and at times the subject of intense discussion — at the annual meeting of the Association of American Colleges and Universities on Thursday.

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John W Bland - 1/30/2006

YES!!!!! Whose incredible insight was this idea. Let's elevate whomever regardless of race creed, persuasion, orientation, religion or other stereotype I've overlooked) to agnostic sainthood. That such thinking could occur inthese times seems like a MIRACLE—tho I'm not sure it can be attributed to anything but SEERendipidy or (golly) untainted intelligence.