Frey Admits Fictions, Oprah Apologizes

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Author James Frey confessed to Oprah Winfrey on Thursday that he made up details about every character in his memoir ``A Million Little Pieces'' and the talk show host apologized to her viewers, saying she felt ``duped.''

``I have been really embarrassed by this,'' said Winfrey, whose praise for Frey's book in September helped make it the top-selling book on nonfiction lists in the United States last year.

``I really feel duped,'' she told Frey on her television show. She said he had betrayed millions of viewers.

At one point early in the interview Frey said he still viewed the work as a memoir, not a novel. By the show's end Winfrey made him admit he lied.

``This hasn't been a great day for me,'' he said. ``I feel like I came here and I have been honest with you. I have, you know, essentially admitted to ...''

``Lying,'' Winfrey interrupted.

``To lying,'' he said. ``It's not an easy thing to do in front of an audience full of people and a lot of others watching on TV. ... If I come out of this experience with anything it's being a better person and learning from my mistakes and making sure I don't repeat them.''

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Bradley Smith - 3/5/2008

Who is advising our lady? Have they mentioned to her that Elie forgot to mention seeing the "gas chambers" at Auschwitz? Truckloads of babies being burned alive out in the open in great firey pits in a scene from hell -- but gas chambers? Is this the guy she wants to use to recover from the bad advice she got on the Frey book?

Tim Matthewson - 1/29/2006

The dead give away that the response to the Frey book was politically motivated is the cable networks -- CNN, FOX, and MSNBC, and their shows which cater to the wing-nut portion of the political specturm.
Partisan commentator such as Tucker Carlson can't stand Oprah with her liberal view, support for the welfare state, affirmative action, and 12-step self helpism. And the simply don't like the fact that a black person has assumed such a pivotal role in American culture and politics.
Some of them saw the Frey episode as a chance to bring her down, deflate her importance, and shift the political dialog to the right.
But Oprah has not achieved her status as the single most important arbiter of American culture by luck, but instead by her sure footed grasp of American culture, which now extends back for decades and to all audiences of whatever color.
Her surefooted grasp of the issues was demonstrated by her appearance on Larry King and her joint appearance on her own show with Frey and his publisher.
I am not sure that she was right to throw Frey overboard and get him to confess to lying, but his book contines to sell well enough to make him rich and her grasp of the issues was correct in the sense that she preserved her position as an American cultural icon.
And her show with Frey validated the entire Oprah approach to culture via the 12 steps when Frey saw the silver lining in the experience, saying that he would be a better person for te experience and learn from his mistakes.
Wow, that must have frosted the folks at Fox News!