David Horowitz says he had to fire activist behind the website monitoring UCLA "radical professors"

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An independent alumni group formed by 24 year old Andrew Jones to attack "radicalism" at the University of California at Los Angeles has offered $100 prizes to any student who turns over extensive documentation of cases in which professors show political bias in the classroom.

David Horowitz said that while he objects to professors' injecting their politics into their teaching, Mr. Jones's approach of "baiting people" is wrong. Furthermore, he said, Mr. Jones used to work for him but he had to fire the UCLA activist after receiving complaints that Mr. Jones pressured students to file false reports about leftists. Mr. Horowitz accused Mr. Jones of stealing his donor list and has contacted his lawyer.

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Tim Matthewson - 1/22/2006

If I were David Horowitz I would not attempt to appear too high and mighty, for his record of veracity has often been questioned by people on his side of the isle. And he himself has argued that he should not be require to vouch for the truth or falsity of the complaints about professors, for has said that he does not have the time or wherewithall to fact check them. But he is still ready to repeal the unverified charges against professors. In other words, the facts be dammed!

John Gorentz - 1/21/2006

Namecalling doesn't really address the merits of the issue.

Lorraine Paul - 1/21/2006

Reminds me of a saying often quoted by my grandmum -

"When thieves fall out, honest people have a chance".