"Should Arab Anti-Semitism be on the Agenda of the US Holocaust Museum?"

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There will be a meeting tonight in Washington DC to discuss the US Holocaust Memorial Museum's failure to document the role Islamic groups played in the Holocaust, as well as the Museum's silence in response to recent Holocaust denials and anti-Semitic remarks attributed to Muslim leaders. The gathering is sponsored by the International Society for Sephardic Progress (ISFSP), Holocaust Museum Watch (hmwatch.org), AMCHA - The Coalition for Jewish Concerns, and other groups.

About 250 people are expected to attend, among them such prominent figures as Congressman Elliot Engel (D-NY), Rabbi Avi Weiss of New York, president of AMCHA, Kenneth Timmerman, Chuck Morse, Shelomo Alfassa, Edwin Black, the award-winning New York Times best-selling author of IBM and the Holocaust and Banking on Baghdad, and Maurice Shohet, a leader in the expatriate Iraqi Jewish community who has written about his escape from Iraq.

"It is a documented fact that Arabs in the Islamic world had a great influence in the Holocaust. This is not opinion, it is not 'anti-Arab sentiment', it is fact," commented Shelomo Alfassa, executive director of the ISFSP.

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