Oprah's Latest Book Pick Raises Issues

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Another Oprah book club pick has raised the issue of fact vs. fiction.

Barnes & Noble.com and Amazon.com both said Tuesday that they were making changes to certify Elie Wiesel's ''Night'' as nonfiction. Barnes & Noble.com is removing the book from its fiction list, while Amazon.com is also changing the categorization of ''Night'' and revising an editorial description to make clear that it does not consider the book a novel.

''We hope to make these changes as quickly as possible,'' said Jani Strand, a spokeswoman for Amazon.com.

On Monday, Winfrey announced that Wiesel's classic account of his family's placement in the Auschwitz death camp was her latest choice. ''Night'' quickly topped the best seller list on Amazon.com, displacing Winfrey's previous selection, James Frey's ''A Million Little Pieces.''

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Rowan Arthur Berkeley - 1/21/2006

This is like Binjamin Wilkomirski in reverse ...