Ga. County to Keep Segregated WWII Plaques

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Plaques that separately list local blacks and whites who served in World War II will stay in the county courthouse, but a new sign explaining the history of segregation will be added to help put the display in context.

The Taylor County Commission voted 5-0 Tuesday to keep the historical plaques, while adding the new sign and a third plaque that would list everyone from the county who served in the war.

The original display dates from December 1944, and is no longer a complete list of those who served.

Edward DuBose, president of the Georgia State Conference of the NAACP, said the segregated plaques had no place in modern society, likening them to Jim Crow-era signs for segregated water fountains and bathrooms.

"This is not over," DuBose said after the vote. He said he plans to mobilize NAACP chapters to continue fighting for the plaques' removal.

Two of the commissioners who voted to keep the separate lists are black.

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