Homeland Security Disputes that it Targeted Student Reading Mao

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The Department of Homeland Security adamantly denied Wednesday that its officials had interrogated a senior at the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth because he tried to borrow from acampus library an unabridged version of The Little Red Book. The alleged incident has prompted a controversy, but Jamie Zuieback, a spokeswoman for the department, said, “We investigate violations of the law, not individuals’ reading habits.” She said that department officials have “serious questions about the veracity of the claims” made by the student. She also indicated that the department “has no such thing as a book watch list.” Brian Glyn Williams, a professor whom the student shared his claims with, said Wednesday that he still believes the student. To date, the student remains anonymous.

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Lorraine Paul - 12/23/2005

This practice was part of the screenplay for the film, SEVEN!

Perhaps I should have typed - Art imitating Life?

Lorraine Paul - 12/23/2005

After having drunk too much 'Christmas Cheer' I am emboldened to say that even here in Australia we have heard of the booksellers rebellion against the CIA and the FBI logging into their cash registers to vet books which people buy, particularly through their credit cards!

So why are there still denials?