Peter Braunstein: NYC Halloween attacker caught in Tenn

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After being a fugitive for seven weeks, alleged New York Halloween sex attacker Peter Braunstein was captured in Memphis.

However, as police approached his makeshift campsite near the University of Memphis, Braunstein plunged a 3-inch knife into his neck and stabbed himself several times, police sources told the New York Daily News.

I am the man the world is looking for, Braunstein told police. My name is Peter Braunstein.

Braunstein allegedly bought a firefighter's uniform online and used it to gain access to a woman's apartment -- where he allegedly sexually assaulted her for 13 hours.

A university employee reported Braunstein after seeing a story about the attack on the TV show America's Most Wanted.

The fugitive had been spotted in Columbus and Cleveland, where he told people he was an executive for a cable TV show, researching a new series about a stripper who stalks her old high school classmates.

Police said Braunstein is expected to survive the stabbing.

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