An important Iranian historical document to be published in Britain

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A chronicle written by Fazli Isfahani, a historian of the Safavid era, which was surprisingly discovered in the old library of Christ's College of Cambridge University has been edited and will be published digitally in December/January in Britain.

"David Brown Book, a publication company in the U.K, is to provide a digital reproduction of a unique manuscript which records the major events of the reign of Shah Abbas Safavid, the greatest king of the Safavid dynasty. This valuable manuscript was discovered recently in Christ's College of Cambridge University.

Shah Abbas's 45-year reign revived the fortunes of the dynasty and made Iran a prominent power in the early 17th century, developing strong commercial and diplomatic relations with Europe. His reign has been documented by several court historians, but the new and exciting discovery of Fazli Beig's contemporary chronicle, long thought to have been lost, will provide some new information about Shah Abbas's reign in particular and Safavid provincial administration in general" says the editor of the book.

Prior to this discovery, it was supposed that these handwritings were destroyed. Due to improper listing, the chronicle was lost in the Christ's College of Cambridge University for 150 years.

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