Edward the Confessor tomb found in under-floor chambers

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Archaeologists believe they have found the royal burial tomb of Edward the Confessor at Westminster Abbey. The radar study unearthed the tomb of the British Saint 1,000 years after his birth, as well as unknown 13th and 14th century Royal crypts and burials hidden in the Abbey’s foundations. The research, using ground-penetrating radar (GPR) technology, had been focussed on the Abbey's 1268 Cosmati mosaic pavement next to the High Altar. Dr Warwick Rodwell, the Abbey's Consultant Archaeologist, explained: ‘This is an extraordinarily exciting discovery for us - on a scale and of historical interest unparalleled anywhere else. We have never been able to locate the original tomb of Edward until now. Little did we expect that, lying beneath, using a lower-frequency radar, we would find chambers, vaults and foundations of such fascinating historical interest and dating back to the very founding of the Abbey, over a millennium ago.’

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