Aaron Burr Association Welcomes Black Family Descendant

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The Aaron Burr Association announced at their recent meeting in Philadelphia that their founder acquired a black family in the city of brotherly love during his political sojourn there as senator from New York. Louella Burr Mitchell Allen, an 86 year old former nurse, announced at the association's annual meeting that she is Burr's great great, great granddaughter, the descendant of Burr's son, John Pierre Burr. Unfortunately, there is no birth, death or marriage certificate linking Burr to John Pierre. But that has not discouraged Mrs. Allen, who claims to be relying on her family's oral tradition. The Burr Association has accepted Mrs. Allen as one of their extended family. They are apparently taking great satisfaction in contrasting their warm reception to the cool distance Jefferson's descendants have maintained with the family of Sally Hemings.

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Suzanne G. Bowles - 11/23/2005

I am a member of the Aaron Burr Association & I was present at this meeting. I heard absolutely nothing that convinced me that Aaron Burr was the father of John Pierre Burr & his sister And I heard several things that convinced me that he wasn't. No documentation of any connection was offered (although reasons were offered why that was the case). And no credible, or even any, evidence was put forth that would indicate that Burr was present at the place & time that these children were conceived.

I emphasize that I am writing solely as a private individual, albeit one who is a professional historian, not as a spokesperson for the Aaron Burr Association.