Site of pagan well to be restored

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One of Wales' oldest wells, thought to be a pagan site rededicated by early Christians, is to be restored.

Ffynnon Rhedyw in Llanllyfni, near Caernarfon, is believed to be older than nearby St Rhedyw's church, which dates from 600AD.

"This site is an interesting example of a class of little-understood monuments which are numerous across Wales, but which are often overlooked," said David Thompson, the trust's head of heritage management.

"We hope it will set a precedent for future, similar, projects which seek to record and present local heritage," he added.

The well's restoration is one part of plans by the community group Menter Llyfni, which hopes to create a network of footpaths in the area to commemorate important people or events from the past.

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