Jimmy Carter: Bush not in line with American Values

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Kansas City, MO - President Jimmy Carter says President Bush's policies conflict with American values. More than a thousand people packed into Unity Temple on the Plaza for the former president to sign a copy of his new book "Our Endangered Values." Reviews call the book biting political commentary, despite the fact that there's an unwritten rule in American politics that former presidents do not criticize current ones.

Carter says he wrote this book reluctantly, but did so because he just couldn't stay silent anymore. "In the last 5 years there's been a dramatic and disturbing and radical change in the values of this country," Carter said. For example, he says peace is an American value, not pre-emptive
war: "we don't wait until our country is threatened," Carter said, "we publicly announced our new policy is to attack a county, invade a country, bomb a county." He says another American value is human rights.

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Vernon Clayson - 11/17/2005

Jimmy Carter was laughable as president, it appears the media forgets how they mocked him and his turning out lights in the white house and being chased by a rabbit in a lake and, worse, how he had not the slightest idea what to do when the Muslims took our embassy employees captive so he did nothing. He preaches too much when he says there's a radical change of values in this country, he is obliquely referring to George Bush and his values, of course, but the truth be told, the vast majority of Americans have not changed their values, those we retain regardless who occupies the White House. Give up your treasonous comments, Jimmy, back the president, have you forgotten the oath you took at Annapolis? That was for life, not whenever convenient for your small minded purposes, you had no friends there, did you?

John J Capozucca - 11/17/2005

He's directly responsible for forcing the newly democratically elected leader of Zimbabwe to step aside in 1979 so that Marxist terrorist Robert Mugabe could become president and go on to murder tens of thousands of fellow Zimbabweans and eventually bring the country to ruin and misery. Maybe he should write a book about that! He could also include a chapter on how he let the American hostages rot in Iran. JC was one of America's absolute worst presidents who is not in the position to preach about values or criticize President Bush. Does he think Americans have amnesia about his awful presidency?

Steven R Alvarado - 11/16/2005


James Jude Simonelli - 11/16/2005

While Jimmy Carter was not the most powerful or successful US President, he has shown his mettle by "DOING GOOD" in all the years since his presidency.

Bush whom he criticizes has done little if anything "GOOD", ever.

In my opinion, (I am certainly not in the erudite echelons of most of this site’s readers/participants) Carter as a man of integrity, character and NOBLE PEACE PRIZE winner can legitimately criticize hypocrite, phony born-again Christian so called world leader Bush.

It is sad to see only his recent book promoting interviews tv clips were the places you could hear or see this view. The press failed to capatilze on his criticisms of Bush and this Administration as they take us down the a path which will lead the USA into a period of darkness and self defeat.

Someone needs to lead America out of and away from the direction that Bush and his minions have chosen to take us.

Maybe Jimmy Carter could run for his second term??

Regards, JJS