Suburban Officers Criticized As Insensitive to Racism

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Distaste for the police in France has roots in clashes between demonstrators and the police in the 1960's, historians say. Those clashes, notably during demonstrations against the war in Algeria in 1965 and then during the student-worker protests in 1968, caused a rift between civil society and the police, and gave a lasting stigma to the police.

''The 1960's were the end of the neighborhood cop in France,'' said Cmdr. Alain Jackel, who leads the C.R.S. commandos in Champigny-sur-Marne. ''Until then, police officers would leave their house in the morning in uniform. Today they change at the police station.''

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Juan Antonio Hervada Gim?nez - 11/9/2005

I have been surprised that the NYT hasn't reported about the apparent connection of the riots with the s.c. EuroJihad movement.

The arsonists, when confronting the police, scream Allah Ou Akbar and point their index fingers upwards...

Now, tehre have been practically no riots in the neighborhoods where radical islamists have what we could call "social control". The troubles are concentrated in the moderate Muslim neighborhoods; it is the moderate Muslims who are getiing their cars and their schoools burned (the schools are considered hotbeds for blasphemy and decadence)

It looks like the euro-jihadists, who exerce a tangible influence on the rioters, want to prove the average Muslims that ithey'll be safer going over to radical Islam and accepting the s.c. Islamic Institutions.

J.A. Hervada, Paris