Sunken Secret Sheds light on a 60-year-old mystery

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NOVA plans to broadcast a new documentary, HITLER’S
SUNKEN SECRET, which claims to uncover "new evidence about an enduring mystery." It's the story of the sinking of a "Norwegian ferry sabotaged in a daring resistance operation during WWII." The ferry was thought to be carrying heavy water useful in the creation of a Nazi nuclear bomb.

The press release ...

This new documentary involves one of the last remaining puzzles from World War II. It’s known that in the late 1930s the German army began a top secret research program to develop nuclear weapons after scientists in Berlin performed the first experiments showing that the atom could be split, unleashing immense power. But they would never finish the job. Just why has always been a mystery. In search of clues to solve this, NOVA follows a team of underwater archaeologists to the icy depths of a lake in Norway as they uncover startling new evidence by recovering the cargo of The Hydro, a sunken Norwegian ferry sabotaged in a daring resistance operation during WWII (Feb. 1944). They want to know what’s really inside them, because they may contain the key to the only weapon that could have won the war for Hitler – a Nazi nuclear bomb. The prevailing version is that the Nazis were using heavy water to develop nuclear weapons, and, thanks to brave Norwegian resistance efforts and British intelligence, this act kept Hitler from getting the bomb first by destroying the barrels of heavy water destined for the Nazi’s secret atomic bomb project. But was the intelligence wrong? Was this act worth it? How close were the Nazis really to having the atomic bomb? Analysis of one of those drums helps to solve a six-decade-long mystery about the role the Allies played in preventing a Nazi nuclear bomb.

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