Malaya veterans in fresh campaign

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Veterans who fought in Malaya in the 1950s are fighting for the right to wear a medal for their service. Fifty years on, the Malaysian Government wants to honour the British servicemen with the medal but military regulations state that the soldiers cannot wear it.

It was a war in everything but name. The Malayan Emergency, as it became known, was a bitter conflict fought against hardened ethnic Chinese communists.

Eventually the British, Malayan and Commonwealth forces pushed the communists back far into the jungle, finally ending the conflict in 1960.

But 2,500 soldiers had died and for many young national servicemen from Scotland, their lives would never be the same again.

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George errol fleming - 12/2/2005

CC all members of Parliament and members of the HD committee.

Remembrance. Day 11/11/2005

Dear Member of parliament.

Three cheers for Tweeddale's Conservative MP David Mundell for
supporting the Malaya Borneo Veterans. He said : "I'll be keeping up
the pressure so that this review is concluded as soon as possible and
leads to a permanent rule-change which will allow these veterans to
legitimately display this medal." 'MP backs veterans' fight for right to
wear PJM medal';ArticleID=1242 690

What is the opinion of other MP's, should there not be a democratic vote on it in the house? After all "The Queen granted permission for a (Russian) *commemorative medal* to be accepted and worn by eligible British citizens." in 1994. See this MOD veterans site for evidence.

Why should Malaya Borneo Veterans be treated differently by HMG than
other ex-servicemen?

The PJM has been classed as a *commemorative medal * By the both
Malaysia and Australia See statement from: Defence Section, Australian
High Commission, Kuala Lumpur

"The Malaysian Government will award a *commemorative medal* (Pingat
Jasa Malaysia or PJM) to Australian servicemen "

A *commemorative medal* (like the Queens Jubilee medal or the Russian
anniversary medal) commemorates a happening that took place some years
ago. The PJM commemorates 1966 to 2006 40th anniversary end of the
Borneo confrontation, and is therefore not a campaign medal.

This means it is totally impossible for the UK HD committee to class the
PJM as a double campaign medal to any previous British medal. How can
*commemorative medal* double a campaign medal? Like wise the five year
rule is non-existent. This *commemorative medal* (PJM) was struck in
2004 so it could be ready for issue in 2006 well within the five year

The HD committee does not have any grounds for rejecting this medal on
either the five year or double-medaling rules. They will only show
themselves up as meanspirted and prejudiced if they use such excuses to
block Malaya-Borneo Veterans from receiving the PJM.

What is it that makes HMG so ashamed of Malaya Borneo Veterans they
wanted to reject this medal at the outset, like Baroness Symons of
Vernham Dean did, speaking on behalf of HMG in the House of Lords back
in January 2005. After WW2 the French & Dutch did runners in Indo China
and the Dutch East Indies leaving a total mess behind. The British and
Commonwealth allies Australia & New Zealand stayed put in the former
British colony and successfully helped defend the new Malaysia. First
against a Chinese Communist take over (Malaya 1948/60) and secondly an
incursion by Sukarno's insurgents from (Indonesia 1962/66). Surely,
HMG should accept this PJM medal for our ex servicemen out of pride for
what they achieved.

To reject this medal offer totally outright is bad enough, but to accept
it only as a keepsake and refuse veterans the right to wear it at
remembrance day parades for those 2242 who paid the supreme sacrifice,
only smells of hypocrisy and 19 century gunboat Imperialism.

See websites of records of servicemen who died.

Is HMG and the HD committee going to refuse PJM medals to the relatives
of these servicemen who paid the supreme sacrifice?

Yours Sincerely