World War II Museum to Reopen on Memorial Day with Masks Required, Attendance at 25%

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Like recruits reporting to duty, visitors to the National World War II Museum will be issued protective gear, if they need it, as the museum eases open its doors on Memorial Day.

Typically a busy day filled with speeches and patriotic concerts, this year the holiday in honor of fallen soldiers will host no special events, museum officials confirmed. Attendance will be capped at 25% of capacity, as laid out in Phase 1 of the state and city's reopening plan. The museum has been closed for two months.

Masks will be required for staff and visitors. The museum will give masks to those who need them. First responders and medical professionals will be admitted free, along with active duty military.

World War II veterans who have been the stars of past Memorial Day activities are in their 90s now. They are encouraged to stay at home this year.


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