Stuart Scott: Australian Gangster's Moll's 1930s Rolls-Royce Up For Auction

Roundup: Talking About History

Gangster's moll Cecilia Hall had poor taste in men, but fine taste in cars.

A colourful figure in the Melbourne underworld in the 1930s, she drove a rare Rolls-Royce.

Though Cecilia has disappeared -- she fled Australia with a price on her head after being unfaithful -- the Rolls has re-appeared in all its former glory and will be one of the star attractions at a classic-car auction in Sydney today.

Melbourne auto historian Michael Browning this week said the car's history had been thoroughly researched, and was no myth.

"It's certainly had a shady and colourful past," he said.

A 1934 model 20/25 swept-tail sports coupe, it is known in Rolls-Royce circles as "Cecilia", in honour of its most infamous owner.

Auctioneers Shannons expect bids in the $58,000 to $68,000 range "befitting her colourful history and her unique art deco styling".

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