Video Project on Holocaust Moves to U.S.C.

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The Survivors of the Shoah Visual History Foundation, which was established by Steven Spielberg and has interviewed some 52,000 survivors of the Holocaust to preserve their recollections, is moving to the University of Southern California, with plans to foster similar projects in other cases of genocide and injustice.

One benefit of the move, Mr. Spielberg said, was that the foundation, which will become part of U.S.C., would be "taken more seriously" by potential donors than it had been "with a filmmaker at the helm."

The 12-year-old foundation, which grew out of Mr. Spielberg's experience making "Schindler's List," is nearly finished indexing its 120,000 hours of digitally recorded interviews with survivors in a way that makes them searchable.

Mr. Spielberg said the foundation's move from trailers on the Universal Studios lot to U.S.C., a leader in digital library management, would ensure that the interviews are preserved and more widely accessible.

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