Proposed Gallipoli Theme Park Decried As Tacky

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Mad, crazy, tacky, and a sick joke. And these are just some of the more family-friendly reactions to NSW MP Danna Vale's scheme for a Gallipoli theme park in Victoria.

Ms Vale's Gallipoli park proposal -- mooted for the Mornington Peninsular -- yesterday earned her widespread condemnation from the Opposition, colleagues, veterans and historians alike.

Talkback callers lampooned the park idea with one sarcastically proposing a tourist excursion complete with a bully beef lunch and donkey rides.

But the former veterans' affairs minister was having none of it, maintaining the resemblance between Gallipoli and the Mornington Peninsular was "uncanny".

Ms Vale said the idea of a Gallipoli-themed memorial park had been put to her by veterans and war widows unable to attend annual services in Turkey. "Being in a Gallipoli replica park would actually just assist the memory," she said.

Under Mrs Vale's proposal, a re-enactment of the World War I landing of Anzacs on the Turkish beach would be re-enacted on federal land, now reserved for a national park, 90 minutes' drive from Melbourne.

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Lorraine Paul - 10/21/2005

One more politician airing their ignorance.

The area this woman was promoting as the site for this re-enactment already has an important history of its own which relates not only to the two world wars but even earlier wars. It is on one side of the entrance to Port Phillip Bay and is where our first line of defence against a naval invasion dating back to the Crimean war. To build anything else there would desecrate these other sites. It is also credited with being the spot where the first shot was fired in both World Wars.

My grandmother used to say..never underestimate how foolish a fool can be!