Sidney Blumenthal on Abraham Lincoln and Why History Always Matters

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Sidney Blumenthal is the acclaimed author of A Self-Made Man, volume one of his four-volume biography The Political Life of Abraham Lincoln.  He is the former assistant and senior adviser to President Bill Clinton, and senior adviser to Hillary Clinton.  He has been a national staff reporter for The Washington Post, Washington editor and staff writer for The New Yorker, and senior writer for The New Republic, and has contributed to numerous additional publications.  His books include the bestselling The Clinton WarsThe Rise of the Counter-Establishment and The Permanent Campaign.  Among his films, he was the executive producer of the Academy Award- and Emmy Award-winning Taxi to the Dark Side.

Kyla Sommers is the Editor-in-Chief of the History News Network. She received her Ph.D. in History from the George Washington University in January 2019.

To celebrate the History News Network's arrival at the George Washington University, HNN hosted "Why History Always Matters." As part of the event, HNN Editor Kyla Sommers interviewed Mr. Blumenthal on the importance of history and his 5-part biography of Abraham Lincoln.

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