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The shutdown is Trump’s ultimate attack on American intellectual life

by Jennifer Ratner-Rosenhagen

The consequences of the shutdown nobody is talking about


The Secrets of Lyndon Johnson's Archives

by Robert Caro

A historian reflects on chasing a Presidential paper trail.



The Catholic Church’s shameful history of Native American abuses

by William S. Cossen

Colonizing indigenous land and constructing walls, both figurative and literal, to win public influence and political power is not a new story in American Catholic history.



The Women’s March is riddled with divisions. But that doesn’t mean feminism is in crisis.

by Lauren Haumesser

Since the early 19th century, the women’s movement in the United States has broken along the lines of race, class, age and religion.



Pence's shocking use of Martin Luther King's words

by Julian Zelizer

As we've seen, nothing about this administration resembles King's ideals.



Economists Need to Add a Little History to Their Tool Kit

by Noah Smith

If those in the field spent more time studying the past there would be fewer surprises in the present.



US Taxpayers Have Been Funding Big Business’s Wars for 233 Years

by Barbara G. Ellis

US corporations have exploited national pride to reap huge profits from taxpayer-funded wars.



The dangerous myth propping up Trump’s wall

by Melissa J. Gismondi

The president leverages a savage threat to white women to justify his pet project.



Why Trump’s fearmongering about Muslims at the border misses the mark

by Randa Tawil

There are Muslims at the border. But they’ve been there since the late 19th century.



Trump at the halfway mark: How will history judge our unconventional president?

by Arthur Herman

One historian defends Trump's legacy.



Martin Luther King Jr. on Making America Great Again

by Justin Rose

How the nation chooses to define greatness will have grave implications.



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