Ads in Va. Governor race mention Hitler

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The Republican candidate for governor is drawing fire for campaign ads that suggest his Democratic opponent is so averse to the death penalty he would have spared Adolph Hitler from execution. The radio and TV ads feature victims' relatives who tearfully recount the crimes that killed their loved ones and say they don't trust Democrat Tim Kaine to administer the state's death penalty.

Kaine, who says his moral objections to capital punishment are rooted in his Roman Catholic faith, responded with an ad pledging to carry out death sentences "because it's the law."

One of the ads supporting Jerry Kilgore, Virginia's attorney general, cites a Richmond Times-Dispatch column that said Kaine had "suggested he would not favor sending even Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin or Idi Amin to the gallows."

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Stephen Francis Kislock III - 10/20/2005

Mr. Murphy,
I take it you were born yesterday?

What we were given by the Foundering Fathers has been replaced. Please Forget Our Constitution, It's Worthless.

What has replaced Our Constitution, it's "You are with us, or you are againg US!"

The Promise of Justice is DEAD!

Where is Osama bin Laden?

He is kept Alive, so we the Citizens of the United States, deliever the DEATH SENTENCE to any and all!

Have you read "A Promise of Justice" by David L. Protess and Robert Warden, This book has forever changed my mind about Capital Murder.

You and I live in a New and Vengeful United States....................

Chris Murphy - 10/19/2005

I cannot believe that "going soft on the death penalty" is a political negative in the United States. In most other liberal democracies advocating state sponsored killing is paramount to promoting murder itself.
Has America really become so violent, so brutalised, so immune to death that it is more moral and more politically acceptable to kill rather than to protect your children from hatred? How very, very strange! How frightening!
Surely the educated members of your society cannot allow this sick mentality to have ascendency in the "greatest democracy in history".

Chris Murphy

Lorraine Margaret Paul - 10/19/2005

The death penalty has no place in modern society.