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Is It Possible to Separate George H.W. Bush’s GOP From Trump’s?

by Sean Wilentz

Reflections on the death of a president.


Is History Being Too Kind to George H.W. Bush?

by David Greenberg

The 41st president put self-interest over principle time and time again.


First as Farce, Then as Tragedy

by Manisha Sinha

Donald Trump wants to destroy the 14th Amendment's guarantee of birthright citizenship. But before he sought to eliminate it outright, his elite predecessors mangled, misread, and misused the amendment in the service of capital.


Why the U.S. Can’t Solve Big Problems

by Julian E. Zelizer

The system of government gets in the country’s way.


Does ‘Make X Great Again’ Ever Happen in History?

by Victor Davis Hanson

The short answer: Sometimes.


The End of Privacy Began in the 1960s

by Margaret O’Mara

Choices that Congress made decades ago allowed tech giants to become as powerful as they are.


What Cold War Liberalism Can Teach Us Today

by Jan-Werner Müller

What Arthur Schlesinger Jr. and others taught us was that we need a principled politics of freedom.


The DNA Industry and the Disappearing Indian

by Aviva Chomsky

DNA, Race, and Native Rights


Pushing for an Israeli Victory Is the Only Way to End the Conflict with the Palestinians

by Daniel Pipes

More and more people in Israel are recognizing that compromises and concessions have only led to more violence.


Russia’s Revisionist History

by Alisa Ganieva

The government insists on reliving the Soviet Union's glorious past, even if it's a lie.


How Salvation Army’s red kettles became a Christmas tradition

by Diane Winston

In both Britain and the U.S., Salvationists saw their mission as twofold: converting sinners and assisting the needy.


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