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Loaded Phrases

by Kevin M. Kruse

The long, entwined history of America First and the American dream.

How the Supreme Court fractured the nation over slavery — and how it threatens to do so again

by H. W. Brands

The issue: abortion. Those who would outlaw abortion today are as convinced of the morality of their position as the abolitionists were of the morality of theirs.

Trump has consummated the marriage between Fox News and the GOP

by Julian Zelizer

The network has been a major force in American politics, and with Trump's help, it has helped to reshape the modern Republican Party.

Democracy is in crisis around the world. Why?

by Max Boot

How did we go from hopes of an “end of history” in the 1990s to fears of an “end of democracy” today?

Our Man in Riyadh

by Andrew Bacevich

Abizaid of Arabia

Trump pushed suburban voters away ...

by Leonard Steinhorn

Will Democrats pull them in?

'Tribalism’ doesn’t explain our political conflicts

by Adam Rothman

The term is trendy but vacuous. Look to history, not prehistory, to understand U.S. challenges.

Connecticut's New Governor, Ned Lamont, Has a Name that Might Sound Familiar

by Jim Sleeper

His family goes way way back in American history.

The idea of deep continuity in British history is absurd. We’ve always been in flux

by David Edgerton

Looking to our past for guidance is a big mistake – we’re no longer the nation of the Second World War or Suez.

Britain will go back into the European club

by Simon Jenkins

History proves it.

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