5,000 Year Old Hebrides Site Discovered

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An ancient stone circle has been discovered in the Hebrides after being hidden for thousands of years.

The significant find is integral to the famous Callanish Stones on Lewis which encompasses around 20 other satellite sites across a wide landscape.

It is also aligned to an extraordinary lunar phenomenon which only occurs around every 20 years and would have terrified the ancients.

The new site, believed to be up to 5000 years old, is the largest of all the circle in the widespread megalith complex and is set to arouse international excitement among historians and archaeologists.

The circle, which was discovered by local archaeologists by chance, straddles two private crofts on a small plateau above the village of Breasclete.

The circle contains 15 stones, each about 1.6 metres high. Some are exposed and lying on the surface but the majority are buried just inches below the peat.

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